Challenge #186 (03/10/06) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #186 for 10 March 2006 is: Entrapped

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 13 March 2006.

I have a great idea for this theme, I just hope I’ve got the skill…

Probably Possible Placeholder…

Entry type: Pure
Comments: After night fell, he realized the trap had been set a long time ago, and no one was going to set him free…

Blee blah bloo. It’s been quite a while since I attempted to model a hand, or a full rig of any human body part, so this was a nice exercise for me. I’m not going to bribe free anyone vroom to jackets! vote, or send any j00 subliminal will vote messages for me! to get votes :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Oops, forgot image.


What does Bill Gates’ bedroom look like?

Only the Focus Blur is Post-Pro as well as the magnet blur. Motion Blur is Blender Internal’s. Enjoy.


perhaps i will post some entry. ummmmm, what means entrapped, please? I’ve seen on the dictionary but nothing matches this word. (a small dictionary)
thank you in advance

Entrap. And you’re welcome! :wink:

Note to Sago: if you dare participate in this, well…you know what you’re in for coughbancough…ahem…

Pure (as the bunns of a French virgin):

Lunch-luring Light

This shall be a post for which to hold my place…

Here ya go:

but this one is way bigger:

BTW, that background is an image (except the fireflys) - that doesn’t make the entry putrid or anti-pure or whatever does it?

Ah, the perils of poorly disposed chewing gum

Me uses encoder ring.

Friday13 said:

“I’m not going to bribe Sago anyone please to participate vote, or send any in subliminal this messages challenge! to get votes :P”

Geez man, I was about to leave this one alone… but if you’re gonna make a fuzz about it.


Oh, no! gets the BAN button ready

Eh, I’m done with this I guess. All Blender (except textures… obviously…)

Entry Type: Pure
Comments: First ever Blender Pic. Hopely lots more to come.


Venus Sets Her Trap…


What an amazingly good render, Robertt.we’re all screwed

That’s the best representation of the topic as of yet.*adds Robertt to ban list.