Challenge #186 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Entrapped

Pure Entries

Friday13 [list:d9d07c2168]
After night fell, he realized the trap had been set a long time ago, and no one was going to set him free…

What does Bill Gates’ bedroom look like?

First ever Blender Pic. Hopely lots more to come.

Venus Sets Her Trap…

Lunch-luring Light

that background is an image (except the fireflys)

Eh, I’m done with this I guess.

Ah, the perils of poorly disposed chewing gum


Lol, that’s RobertT, stealing my thunder… again

And what’s with the light-emitting tentacles? Is she into butterflyburgers?

Btw. excellent job on the cloth. :wink:

Haha, thanks Sago.

The idea for the lights on her head relate back to her sister Blossom. Venus uses them for evil (as a lure), while Blossom uses them for good (beauty, illumination, warmth).


Yipe. There goes, once again, my chance of getting a decent amount of votes :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, if I repeatedly register and vote…ahem, sorry, thinking out loud.

Congrats die, die to ban, ban Sago.

Robertt and SAGO and a few others (not to mention syringe/forks/tobacco devices) here have come up with some bizarre stuff.

Well, again (based on everyone’s experience level, from what I have seen) everyone has a great job here.

I wasn’t sure who to vote for so I had my cat walk across my keyboard a few times until something happened. Just kidding.

Winner: Sago with 48% of the votes