Challenge #190 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The 4th dimension

Pure Entries

Seriously Robertt, I could not stop laughing when I saw your entry. It isn’t the image itself that makes me laugh, it’s that you have practically mastered blender and you’ve got all these other participants that cannot hold a candle to your work (No offense anyone) and you absolutely reem the competition XD. Great image by the way, it is a very nice concept (Even though everyone did just about the same thing) The fact you modelled a professional grade Einstein in four days is just amazing.

<jackj goes off to ponder if he will ever hold a flame to Robertt’s skill>

Thanks, jackj. I almost didn’t post it because I wanted to push it further. For example, here is the post-WC version I will show in Finished Projects along with the original render. Always improvements to be made, and I still have so much to learn with Blender.

Well, this was one of the tougher topics we had, but I think everyone did a really nice job!


Geez, RT.

When I said “now back to you, RobertT” after the last WC-voting I was just kidding. Now I feel obligated to enter the next one. But I’m so, so very tired… no really, I am.

Such a shame the Hall of Fame is offline, your page would be completely filled.

So, humm, how much WC’s did you win? me asks this question cause me thinks me is sitting right next to you this very moment… … and me thinks you know that

Love y’all,

Robertt +1 ((even though I could have voted for myself :wink: ))

Quick question, how time did you spend on this one? I’m curious on how much work you put into these WC (probably way more than my 2hour work with half the time spend chatting with friends lol) But everytime you churn up an entry they are incredible


Sago: I never really counted :slight_smile: Yes, you’ve won quite a few!

Slepnyrl: Thanks! I started working on the head Saturday evening and then the outfit, then worked on and off Sunday filling in the scene. Maybe around ten hours of actual work with many test renders/tweaks (lighting, materials, particles) in between. A couple of extra hours went into the second/post-WC image.


how did you guys get so good? i figure it was my lizard tutorial.

I really should try and spend that much time on contest entries but it fear its not always possible. On the other hand I going to try and give my best effort for the monthly contest though.

With all the work you make, I believe that. Btw, it think it’s 11… same as me.

It seems I’ve already voted, even though I haven’t… must be the new forum playing with us.

I noticed that too. I wasn’t able to vote. I hope it went to someone I would have voted for. Lol

Robertt HUGE props. This will drive me to try WAY harder on the next one. I plan to turn into a regular at these weekend challange thingys, even though this entry kinda sucked. =)

:confused: :confused: the voting thing says i already voted too?:confused: :confused: maybe it guessed who i voted for already, because i would have voted for robert, and he is winning.

i didnt know this new forum also came with the ability to read my mind…:eek:

anyway if you guys have a problem with the voting i will take the win as a default, it is the least i can do…:smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the positive feedback everyone!

The counter hasn’t moved past 11 for a while it seems :slight_smile:


I’d vote for Robertt too, if I could. :slight_smile:

Aye Robertt, give us a good topic, I will partake in this WC. I will make the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well gosh darnet. People can’t seem to vote, but the amount of voters has grown from 24 to 26. Weeeeird.

it’s a shame they arnt that many people voting in these contests especially since they are way more people that could (at some point they are even 259 users online so I’m sure some could take the time…) I’m waiting for the next contest though and I might participate (in addition to the monthly one I’m prepering)

I have tried to vote but was unable to do so!
So here is a vitural vote for Robertt

Due to the forum switch, lots of people couldn’t vote and for that we are sorry.

In any case, I think it’s pretty clear Robertt was winning, so that’s how it’s gonna be.

Winner: Robertt

Congrats to all!


Certainly, I got a chance to vote before the switch :smiley: