Challenge #191 (04/14/06) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #191 for 14 April 2006 is: Invention

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 17 April 2006.

Shouldn’t the deadline be on April 17? April 10 was last Monday.

Unless, of course, somebody decided to correct calendar creep by jumping things back a week :).


Yippie! We have until April 10th of next year to submit entries!

Alright First contest entry… Not amazing but some thing Im proud of … One of my first complete scenes. Yes, that is ludwig pushing the wheel Thanks to Nico for his grass tutorial. I was going to replace ludwig with my own character but I do not have the modeling skills as yet… so this will be an open entry I guess. If I have an amazing burst of talent and 20 hours available over the weekend, maybe Ill replace ludwig and update my entry.

Very interesting topic, I just might enter this one :). It’s been a while since last time :rolleyes: me thinks back on the good ol’ days

My pure entry:

Sayonara Hiroshima!

haha lol sry about my brother :wink: It wasn’t exactly that I was thinking of.

Cheers Sago, and I hope to see you in the challange :slight_smile:

I’m in! (placeholder)

this is my first contest.

EDIT: nevermind…i got busy with other things.

Here is some more of my junk just for Robertt

Subject: Rube Goldberg style :wink:

Lifeling: Pretty good work, I think that there should atleast be lighting on the edges of the stuff. It looks very unrealistic that they are totally black while the sky is so bright.

Entry type : Pure
Description: A tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci - Aerial Screw

Its a new invention created by combining 2 existing inventions, I call it the Keychain saw. The blade, or bar, folds away when not in use like a pen knife.
You wouldn’t want the bar to fold away while it was running :eek:

Its a Pure entry.
Direct link

I wish I would have seen this one sooner. I like the entries I’m seeing so far.

It is a Pure entry.
Direct link:

My entry: