Challenge #193 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Expression

Pure Entries


  • fambros
    The most important “expression” of the 20th century.

  • Sago
    Mime is sooo sad

  • SmokinJuan

  • Splund
    Crispy covered chocolate expressions, yummy.
    Remember, you are what you eat

  • Tamarin
    Non-Participating Entries

  • RobertT
    Happysad, a cycle of mechanical expressions

I think that Sago’s picture is technically the best of the ones featured there, and ARABIAN KNIGHT’s modelisation looks very solid. But don’t know why, I loved a lot Splund’s idea, and wished it has been a little more “polished”.

So I finally give my vote to Splund, but congratulations to all.

my vote went to sago!

mine is soo bad but I did not have time this weekend.

for sago:
How many weekend [B]Challenge did you win?


Thank you olivS for your vote, yes you are right, it does need some “polish”. The texture and lighting aren’t quite right and maybe there
is too much detail in the faces.
Sago, your entry is excellent, this is the first time I have modelled a
human face in Blender and I can now appreciate how much work it takes
to make a scene like yours.

My vote goes to fambros for his interpretation of the challenge and Im a
big Einstein fan



How much of the blend file that rendered this was “recylced” from other blends? Just curious… Those characters look really familiar:

:slight_smile: keep up the good work, just consider the open or non-participating option once in awhile and give some others a chance at winning :slight_smile:

Well, I believe I wo… oh, sorry… I believe I won one less than RobertT. and no matter how much I win, somehow it always stays like that…

Splund, after almost 2 years blending the faces are getting easier for me to make (though I’m not quite there yet with the blendspeed).

I always reuse the ears, and sometimes the hands (in this case the dead man’s hands). Everything else is new. Perhaps cause my technic and style some of my faces do tend to look alike, though I would never ever reuse them.

Wow, that’s one cool link you got there.

just consider the open or non-participating option once in awhile and give some others a chance at winning :slight_smile:

Yeah, perhaps I should.
Both me and RobertT are on a roll the last weeks. But it’s not like we’re unbeatable, especially me. But I’ll take it easy for a little while.


Sago, btw, i am definately not saying don’t participate! I enjoy seeing your work.

Weekend Challenge #200 belongs to Wu!!

i have had enough of Robertt and Sago winning every challenge back to back. come one come all and watch me drop both these potato heads like a bad habit!!

So if you Robertt and you Sago are real men, with real talent you will be their at challenge #200 and take the beating that you both deserve…do you accept or are you both women like i know you are?

if you do accept the challenge you will both need to avoid challenge #199 so you can participate in challenge #200, and you will both need to ask your mothers permission to see if you can play with the big boys!!

and any other chump who would like join in mark Friday June 16th to Monday June 19th down on your calander, because that is the time that Wu puts the Super Wu-Tacular Choke of Death on Robertt and Sago, and any other chump who stands in the way…everyone has to sleep sometime…

there is a storm building on the horizon…and it is called Wu…

If I recall right, for WC 100 there was a Super Challenge.

So for WC 200 it would be great to have another one!

If so, I would almost certainly participate in that WC :slight_smile:

/me circles the date on the calendar

I’ll be np-ing/skipping some WCs myself on and off between now and then, occasionally n-np-ing.

I really enjoy and appreciate the WC and hope it continues to do for others what it did for me, which was to presure me, even to this day, to become a better blenderhead through good competition and challenging topics.

May it continue to inspire us to increase all our creative efforts and become better artists in the process,


ah yes!! Robertt will enter the cage of death!!

excellent, now all i need is Sago to agree and the date is set for carnage and destruction to all!! muhahahahahaha!!!

the storm on the horizon grows larger and darker as the tiny villagers cry for mercy from the great storm of Wu…but Wu does not stop… <- this is the spining storm of Wu…you are afraid arent you…

Lmao Wu.

Arabian Knight did no modelling whatsoever? The model is I belive called “Gavin”.

I gave Sago my vote, keep up the good work Sago. :slight_smile:

Gavin?!?! :stuck_out_tongue: His name is Ludwig :smiley:

Robertt wrote:

If I recall right, for WC 100 there was a Super Challenge.

So for WC 200 it would be great to have another one!

If so, I would almost certainly participate in that WC :slight_smile:

I went back and looked at challenge 100 to see how the Super Challenge went. When I saw your entry Robertt

I thought “if that’s the best you can do in a whole week I’ll definitely be in for Challenge 200.”

Then I clicked on the thumbnail :eek:

I humbly bow in your general direction and look forward to seeing what you do for #200. Maybe I’ll have a got a Super Challenge 300.

Hey, when are the admins going to let us at the new Sago smileys like what Wu used?


… okay, I guess.

Sago welcome to the weekend challange #200, or as i like to call it the day when blender cried…because what i’m going to do on that challange will both amaze, terrify, most of you didnt know you could be knocked unconcius over the internet, but on June 16th it will happen

and sago the only thing you are going to be hugging and kissing are my fists of fury…beware

i will make an announcement in the off topic chat about the contest in the beginging on June…and all will be warned.

my entry will proably be so wonderful and genuis-like that Timmy will have to create another forum section, it will be called “The Wu-Tacular Gallery”…

what will you need to join Weekend Challange #200? just bring a computer and a tombstone…

Haha, AndyD :slight_smile: Thanks for the kind words.

If WC200 is a Super Challenge, I would use it partly to beat my previous SC attempt, which should be very easy considering how bad I consider my WC100 entry now :wink: I learned a lot since then, but I still have much to learn.


@Wu Bahahhahaha… Once again a good laugh, sure, I’ll step up to the plate… probably be bitchslapped to the gutter, but I’ll enter :slight_smile:

@RobertT Fantastic work on that #100 WC, Btw, why did you do a non-participant?

@Tamarin, Great work, my vote went to you, I liked the style of the Eskimo, I can see the obvious but subtle effort put into it.

@Sago, isn’t that considered a ‘Open’ entry then?

The Jack


Emphasis on most.
Since it’s only the ears and 1 pair of hands being reused (which all have been altered in some way) I can concider it pure.

Btw, why did you do a non-participant?

He won last WC.


I cannot agree, If I took say that little stealer machine from my last WC entry and ‘adjusted’ the cogs and used it again can I call it pure? Or if I use MakeHuman and alter the model manually, can I call it pure?

The Jack

You’re not paying attention.

I reused the ears and 1 pair of hands.

Everything I made new was the faces, the bodies, the coffin (drapery), the other pair of hands, the dead man’s suit and 1 pair of eyes. Not to mention the rigging, textures and lighting.

Should I explain to you the word ‘most’?