Challenge #198 (06/03/06) - Entries CLOSED

Theme #198 for 3 June 2006 is: Pagan Gods

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 6 June 2006.

wow, that’s a hard one XD

EDIT: Could someone post pictures of famous pagan gods? I don’t know much on this subject :stuck_out_tongue:

Pure Blender.

Pagan gods can be any god that’s not abrahamic, (christian, jewish, i guess muslim although there arent images anyway in that).

So it can be Hindu, Norse, Greek, Roman, Native american, so on. I’ll post some images a bit later.

ok thanks, thats all I needed to know :smiley:


I know exactly what I am going to do, I am quite shocked you picked this topic Mornstar, I was going to blend this yesterday, now I have a reason to. Definate placeholder.

Btw, RobertT, I know we’re going to see something killer from you :slight_smile:


The Pagan God Blender
(In a time when passage to the Third Dimension came at great cost, a Saviour came from beyond the Great Firewall to create free passage to the Third Dimension.)

I was under the impression that a pagan god was a god in a religion that was not monotheistic. Islam is based off the same history as the Christian and Jewish Old testament, so I believe that Islam wouldn’t fall under a pagan religion

I really like the topic, though. Some suggestions to get the mind flowing on the Ancient/Classical (Greek and Roman) gods would be to search for paintings made during the renaissance. Classical Studies is one of my majors, and paintings from this time period are frequently brought up. I would also read a quick synopsis of the Iliad. Both the Iliad and the Odyssey have some very good descriptions of the Greek gods and goddesses, but the Iliad would probably be the better source of the two. One last suggestion would be to do a search for the “Titanomachy.” That’s the battle between the titans, led by Zeus’ father, and the Olympians led by Zeus. That always seemed like an amazing image if done well.

Looking forward to seeing the entries for this one.


I’ll try, jackj :wink:

I think I’ll go with this idea: to recreate part of the scene of the golden calf cast in the fire from the book of Exodus.

We’ll see how that goes…


RobertT, you really go all out on the Bible don’t you lol. You turn out some cool stuff man.

i would love to see somebody do the “pagan megan” garbage pail kid trading card (from the 1980’s)!!

i can post a larger scan later if someone wants it, just have to break out my old collection!

i think if sago takes this, this challange is over, because he will rock it, its just his style i think.

he will rock you all the same way i will rock you all in challange #200…ohhhh and you knew it was right!!!

i would do this model, but no time this weekend, too many chicks, you wouldnt understand…

jackblack: Yeah, spirituality is a pretty important thing to me. Plus these recent themes draw that part of me out… Paradise, now this. When I saw this topic the golden calf image came to mind right away :slight_smile: Also I think there’s so much yet to be attempted in 3D.


RobertT, ya know I think it would be cool if you did Samson slayin’ the Philistines some time. I love the book of Judges, it would make an awesome trilogy, some the most action packed stuff it the world. Also David and his mighty men would be a good movie.

A Pagan Goddess. I enjoyed this one and think it’s by far my best render yet. Hope you all like it too.

(pure entry by the way)

EDIT: I adjusted the lighting, let me know what you think.

Hell man, one of the best WC-topics, ever. I’ve always been a major fan of the Greek mythology, and the Norse Gods are so frickin’ cool. Both mythologies are so rich of colorfull characters and amazing stories.

Wu, you’re suggestion seems just my thing, but for this topic I would love to make a more ‘serious’ work. And perhaps therefore I wouldn’t dare make anything. Veach’s example is much closer what I would like, but impossible to make within this timeframe.


Maybe I can try something simple yet cool. But if I’m not satisfied 'bout it I wont post it.

Pagan Goddamn.


Titanomachy would be brutal indeed. Just like Gigantomachia btw. Pure inspiration for all the Marvel-superhero comics.

I think I still have some of those garbage pail kid trading cards in a box, somewhere. Been a long time, but you totally brought back the smell they had (and probably still have).

Here is my voluntarily non-participating entry:

The Burning of the Golden Calf by Moses

Blender 2.42 beta + render nodes + mild DOF post work.


Oh, RobertT, another non-participating entry? I know you’re trying to give others a change, but you could easily fill up your trophy table with [fictional]Weekend Challenge Trophies[/fictional]. :stuck_out_tongue:

RobertT, it’s very obvious what you’re trying to say with this work. WC 200 is coming soon, and you know me and Wu are participating in that one. And you ALSO know me and Wu are both Tauruses.
Yes, it’s very clear what you are trying to say.

Btw, I’m making different works for this WC. One for practice, other for more ‘serious’. Not sure if I can finish the last one, but for this WC I will have a participating entry.

Just to let you know. I would love to see you change your entry into a participating one, but I won’t break your balls if you don’t.


Sago: Now that made me laugh! I didn’t know you were Tauruses :smiley:
I’m keeping mine np, and I’m looking forward to your entries.

Friday13: Haha, maybe. As long as we all use these challenges to
improve ourselves and have fun we all can win in some way :slight_smile: