Challenge #2 Entries (24 May 2002) - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Theme #2 for 24 May 2002 is: action

Remember to check here for the current rules, and post your entries below.

Entries close at 2300 GMT on Monday.

Good luck!

(ectizen) #2

If you have any trouble posting your entry mesage here, email it to me at [email protected] (the message, not the image). It might be worth making a note of this address just in case.

(Free Mars) #3

This is a Light Mech. It just came into being from a small drawing that I had laying on my desk.

This has been created entirely for this contest. Everything except the Texture maps were done in Blender. For those I used Corel PhotoPaint.

(PILER) #4

here my entry for this weekend challenge =)

sorry its geocities you have to cop n paste.

(ectizen) #5

I can’t stand looking at this anymore - it’s finished.

This is my pure entry: 100% new models, and well over 95% blender (a little Gimp work for some textures and light post processing).

The extensive research for this image was quite exhausting :wink:

UPDATE: Ok, I guess I could look at it again.

This is my updated pure entry: 100% new models, and well over 95% blender (a couple of pre-existing image maps for the lamp, and a few handcrafted in the Gimp - no post processing :smiley: (OSA ate my LEDs :())

(blengine) #6

oh man thats too darn funny ectizen!!! lmfao! haha

(basse) #7

well, what can I say… it’s me, every morning. :slight_smile:

everything is modelled from scratch, today. I wasn’t even thinking of participating, because of the time limit, but I had this idea and thought I could at least try… :slight_smile:

I used couple of textures that I had on my hd, for carpet and wallpaper and on puppet. the texture on the cup is a coffee painting of mine, a bit stretched only :slight_smile: and some procedurals here and there …

ok, here it is:


(hannibar) #8

Voila, this is my entry for this weeks challenge.

I used blender for modelling and texturing. I first rendered the goal, the grass and the background with motion blur. Because the blur didn’t look very right, I used photoshop to make the blur look better. Then I composited within blender.


(LohnS) #9

hmmm, i wonder if i can make a car in 7 hours…here goes.

(crow) #10

Here it is…

It is an OPEN blend. The ships were made in #d studio max, converted to VRML 2 using Crossroads, the planet texture is from the net… Everything else is blender.

(Edit out image cuz of angelfire copy & paste please)

hopefully i am submitting this the right way?

(LohnS) #11

here is my pure entry, it was done in 7 hours strait at the PC (whew what a day). All models and explotions are 100% blender and 100% done today and the only exceptions were a tiny bit of post production with text, backdrop and blur tool. In this i’m trying to portray those action packed movies that just go WAY too far 8). Nothing more action packed then a car driving through a building, exiting through a window, over a fence and then the building blows up =D

(ectizen) #12

Yes, the way you’ve submitted your entry is fine.

For those of you using [img][/img] tags, please remember to include a link to your image as well. Thanks!

(basse) #13

whoops… I didn’t provide link… so, here it is.

that is my temp direcotry, if somehow it is empty, try the gallery:

alright :slight_smile: sorry about that…

(blengine) #14

neo, great pic…but…its a 1.4 meg BMP!!! ahhhhhhh!
ectizen, do we have size limit rules to save the dialup people from dying? =)

(ectizen) #15

Yes, there is a size limit - 250kB.

NEO, your morningdrive.jpg is currently just over 300 kB. I’ll provide a savagely compressed version (less than half the file size, with no visible difference (under magnification!!)), if you can’t set up a replacement in time. I should have noticed this earlier - thanks imgrandpabo(y).

(ectizen) #16

Entries have closed! Thanks to everyone!

Voting is here.