Challenge #2 Voting - CLOSED

(ectizen) #1

Best Ever Turnout! :smiley: …ok… so it’s only the second ever turnout :stuck_out_tongue:
We have seven great entries this week. Voting isn’t going to be easy :slight_smile:

Voters are reminded that if you can’t decide between a pure entry and an open one, you should choose the pure entry. Look here for a description of what Pure and Open entries are.

Here are the entries for week #2. The theme is: action

Pure Entries
Free Mars[list:8c520bb8f1]This is a Light Mech. It just came into being from a small drawing that I had laying on my desk.
This has been created entirely for this contest. Everything except the Texture maps were done in Blender. For those I used Corel PhotoPaint

PILERhere my entry for this weekend challenge =)

sorry its geocities you have to cop n paste.

ectizen This is my updated pure entry: 100% new models, and well over 95% blender (a couple of pre-existing image maps for the lamp, and a few handcrafted in the Gimp - no post processing :smiley: (OSA ate my LEDs :())

bassewell, what can I say… it’s me, every morning. :slight_smile:
everything is modelled from scratch, today. I wasn’t even thinking of participating, because of the time limit, but I had this idea and thought I could at least try… :slight_smile:
I used couple of textures that I had on my hd, for carpet and wallpaper and on puppet. the texture on the cup is a coffee painting of mine, a bit stretched only :slight_smile: and some procedurals here and there …

that is my temp direcotry, if somehow it is empty, try the gallery:

hannibarVoila, this is my entry for this weeks challenge.
I used blender for modelling and texturing. I first rendered the goal, the grass and the background with motion blur. Because the blur didn’t look very right, I used photoshop to make the blur look better. Then I composited within blender.

NEOhere is my pure entry, it was done in 7 hours strait at the PC (whew what a day). All models and explotions are 100% blender and 100% done today and the only exceptions were a tiny bit of post production with text, backdrop and blur tool. In this i’m trying to portray those action packed movies that just go WAY too far 8). Nothing more action packed then a car driving through a building, exiting through a window, over a fence and then the building blows up =D Size Non-Compliant 320kB version Size Compliant 140kB version


Open Entries
crow[list:8c520bb8f1] It is an OPEN blend. The ships were made in #d studio max, converted to VRML 2 using Crossroads, the planet texture is from the net… Everything else is blender.

(Edit out image cuz of angelfire copy & paste please)


(ectizen) #2


Free Mars: Nice sparks! I give up: What are those mysterious black triangles in the background? Mountain peaks? Aircraft?


ectizen: are the rumours that you’ve picked up an Ansell sponsorship true?

basse: I like the cup - especially the handle.

hannibar: Nice ball! Is that pattern modelled or bumped?

NEO: Thank you. I now have the opening theme music from “The Professionals” stuck in my head :stuck_out_tongue:

crow: I like the ship on the left - nice weapon flare thingy.

(blengine) #3

free mars, great picture and nice sparks, but no action =(
piler, great! coulve added it nailing a table for more action
ectizen, hahahaha…very funny, nicely lighted too, different interpretation is kinda cool
basse, amazing scene! but this is PRE-action…theres no action and only a future reference to action displayed in TEXT in the scene…boo =)
hannibar, finally! hehe…thats some tense action! thats what i was looking for with this topic! excellent job

NEO, nice! action packed, but most of the pic is photo =( i dunno…i think u couldve modeled that photo background, and uvmapped in little to no time

crow, cool, but u could have done alot more with it, a more dramatic camera view? bg explosions? close ups? but i like the content 8)

overall, aweosme turnout and awesome entries! i have my mind pondering between a few differnet entires…hrmmmm

(LohnS) #4

all i can say is this is a nail biter :stuck_out_tongue: .

(hannibar) #5

pure model ofcourse :smiley:

This are good entries. It will be difficult this time to vote!

(Free Mars) #6

Mountains the mist I used mostly obscures them.

Ow I’m hurt I didn’t even vote for myself.

(basse) #7

well, the problem in your picture is only that you used wrong camera angle. there is nothing wrong with the model itself… you should’ve shown us more of the model, perhaps put a camera a bit nearer to ground, looking up… from behind the mech ?? and add and extra spot for highlights…


(pofo) #8

Yeah, the mech ain’t bad (in fact it’s pretty good), but the competition is stiff :slight_smile:

  1. pofo

(dreamsgate) #9

I think all the entries are fantastic, I can’t believe what you all accomplish in just three days.

(dreamsgate starting to get real intimidated, note to herself: must work on modeling faster)

(ectizen) #10

Congratulations to PILER! You are a winner! 25% of the votes, in a very close, three-way battle for supremacy :o

Thanks to all who entered, and all who voted!

And extra special thanks to those who entered and didn’t win, but are still going to try again next week! :smiley:

(basse) #11

well done piler! congratulations from here too.

damn I’m out of town next weekend… but I am going to try still… if you put the topic here on friday before I leave, I can start drawing some ideas on paper, then model them on sunday night when I come back :slight_smile: or was there still monday too?


(ectizen) #12

The starting/ending times have been scientifically selected to allow everybody, no matter what timezone they’re in, at least half of Friday and half of Monday. By my wild guess, you should have about all of Friday and about all of Monday. Plenty of time :slight_smile:

The next challenge starts in about 11 and a half hours…

(blengine) #13

awesome piler u won! now mastas split persona REUNITES in the hall of fame! woo! hes alive again! 8)

(PILER) #14

Thanks everyone =), it was a good competition, very fun. had me on my toes hehe…

(hannibar) #15

Congratulations PILER!