Challenge #20 Entries (11/10/02) CLOSED

(theeth) #1

Theme #20 for 11 October 2002 is: A Blender Starship
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 14 October 2002.

no modification to the rules this week (you must still have fun though :wink: )

Good Luck

(dawonn) #2

ok, my first submition, i’ve practice up on other challangs, and now i think i’m ready for ACTION! beat tat all you experts, this novice made a real BLENDER starship pure. :o

(sorry bout the geocities thing, wasn’t pacent enough to put it on the school server)

(steve343) #3

im making a space station but i doubt it will be ready in time but i hope to post something at the very least :S altho i wouldent count on it

wooo i actually posted somethin !!!

Its a science vesel hence no guns its also not realy finished i would like to do more on texturing and put lil ships around it going to the planet and back but no time.

oh yeah and its PURE baby (but i think u would have guessed that)

sorry just read the rules and made my thumbnail smaller (sorry :-? )

([email protected]) #4

now THAT is a topic tips hat to topic setter

(Ecks) #5

OK I don’t think I will win with this, but it was fun to make! :smiley:!min.jpg
full image here:!.jpg

I hope you like it! :smiley:

(digitalSlav) #6

blarg! more spaceships :frowning:

([email protected]) #7

you will all bow to the power of my starship, its gonna kick some severe backside, its looking very sweet as it is let alone when im done :smiley:

(bogbean) #8

A spaceship.

(Free Mars) #9

Here is my entry for the space ship. I had started working on this Friday night for my own personal gratification and when I looked at the contest topic I decided to finish in a hurry.

(S68) #10

Quick (1/2 hour) stupid and possibly off-topic entry :stuck_out_tongue:


Pure pure pure Blender


([email protected]) #11

:o here is it my entry

(Idgas) #12

Hey better late then never, here is my PURE entry

(S68) #13

What about Voting?

theeth, if you’re overloaded with work I can try to do it for you :wink:


(Ecks) #14

yea what about voting?

and I can help too if you nedd help! :smiley:

(theeth) #15

arrr… yes, voting, of course, voting… note to self: DOH