Challenge #20 Voting CLOSED

(theeth) #1

cough cough yes, voting cough theeth slaps his forehead

This week’s theme: A BLENDER SPACESHIP

Pure Entries

ok, my first submition, i’ve practice up on other challangs, and now i think i’m ready for ACTION! beat tat all you experts, this novice made a real BLENDER starship pure.


im making a space station but i doubt it will be ready in time but i hope to post something at the very least :S altho i wouldent count on it


OK I don’t think I will win with this, but it was fun to make!!min.jpg!.jpg


A spaceship.

Free Mars

Here is my entry for the space ship. I had started working on this Friday night for my own personal gratification and when I looked at the contest topic I decided to finish in a hurry.


Quick (1/2 hour) stupid and possibly off-topic entry

[email protected]

here is it my entry


Hey better late then never, here is my PURE entry


looks like the contest is picking up a good pace again!

(BgDM) #2

Woo Hoo! First vote and first reply. But I’m not saying who I voted for. :wink:


(S68) #3

I know whom you NOT voted for… since I’m still at 0 :stuck_out_tongue:


(Idgas) #4

wow this is a tough one. I voted for S68 i like the red sky in the backround, but i especially like the engine emissions. cool job.

(S68) #5

Thanx :slight_smile: both for comments and both for public voting… this makes clear that I haven’t voted for myself :stuck_out_tongue: actually I voted for you, for the coolness of the azure glow all over the planet and of the engine (Hey, ship design is great too, mine is just a silly extruded cube 8) )


(steve343) #6

i voted for myself :-? i was scared i was gonna get no votes
i wish i could have finised mine :frowning: but no time … it looks to … star trek doesnt it.


I learned a lot and will probably enter again this week (and i wont vote for myself)

(Ecks) #7

This is the first time I get vote from another person than me! :o
Thanks to the persons that voted for me! :smiley:

(theeth) #8

since the voting thread was started a bit late, it will end tomorrow (friday) afternoon, eastern Canada time.

This week’s challenge will then start shortly after that.

sorry for the delay


([email protected]) #9

yes i shamefully voted for myself but dont worry i knew i wasnt winning i got a tip off i had no votes :smiley: i hate it when that happens but this is the first…and hpefully last time i have voted for myself lol
it was hard this week all pretty good i couldent pick which i wanted to so i thaught id use the get out easy clause lol

(Ecks) #10

WOW!! :o :o :o :o :o :o I can’t believe! :o
I am gonna win! :o :o :o :o :o I am so happy! First time I got vote in a contest and I have some good chance of winning! Do I sleep is this a dream? I hope not! Wohhoo! Everybody else also have good entry! Good work everybody!

(Idgas) #11

Damn i knew i should have added lasers. :smiley: Good job X. :slight_smile:

(basse) #12

xwarrior… way to go! got my vote.


(Ecks) #13

Thanks alot! I really like those type of comment! :smiley: Your entries are good too! :smiley:

(theeth) #14

Winner by 32% of the votes: X-WARRIOR!!

congrats to you, it’s really a great picture.


(Ecks) #15

Thank you!

I already reply to your pm!

(Bapsis) #16

Great work all!!! Loved all of your ships, but will just say your all lucky i didnt enter this one HAHA!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!