Challenge #204 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The Mind

Pure Entries

  • SmokinJuan
    A brain looks like a difficult thing to model, but apparently this is a reasonable equivalent for some people. I’d just like to thank the NIDA, DARE, DEA and Nancy Reagan for simplifying the brain into an object that is easily modeled.

Due to the fact that there is only one entry, we’re having a special poll, like the last time that occured. Regardless of the results, SmokinJuan will get to pick the next theme. That should teach all of you slackers to take a week end off!


I think SmokinJuan’s render is the best of all those. I mean, look at Sago’s non-existant render, it lacks substance! And don’t get me started on RobertT’s invisible entry, it really doesn’t look like it could be a winner. Looks like those two are losing their touch :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, SmokinJuan +1

I didn’t think my anti-existent render was so bad.

Sorry guys, I was gonna submit a silver bell for this, but the computer was hijacked all day. : \


Nice entries, everyone… I mean, SmokinJuan.

You got my vote :slight_smile:


they were all great, but smokin juans just stands out for some reason.

I would have entered, but like always I’m low on ideas.
And I started school a few days ago… yay! (a very sarcastic yay).

And SmokinJuan deserves to win. It looks like he put some effort into he entry too. good work.

Mind - Fried eggs. I get it!!!

You got my vote, just barely ahead of the others.

Are you kidding me? I voted against SmokinJuan. The entry is, by far, the worst of them all. Ugh, terrible…

(In case anyone lacking a sense of humor reads this, it is a joke. I did, however, vote no.)

Maybe it’s worth ending the voting earlier?

The next round will start on thursday night anyway, so not much use ending the vote in advance.


I forfeit… don’t like playin’ with myself in a public forum.

So then, who’s deciding next weeks topic?


If the decision goes to the next poster after the quote how about Miniature Golf

If you forfeit, I get to pick the theme.

And I usually pick boring themes that nobody likes, so you better not forfeit!


Hmm… I wonder if that just might be a project you’re already working on…:cool:

No one wants theeth picking a boring topic and we can’t have Icoxo posting week-old work :wink: .

Thanks for the compliments.

It doesn’t really matter who picks the theme so long as it’s on time I’m happy/

Not only that, but he’ll probably end up picking something that was done before. Maybe even something he chose before. Then, to top it all off, he’ll forget what challenge number it is…

Not at all, it was from an old idea I had for the weekend challenges more then a year ago if I won (I never did)

Oh,I stand corrected.:o

Don’t worry Icoxo, if I win (and odds are lookin’ good) I’m picking a topic you ought to have fun with… way better than mini golf.

Stay tuned…