Challenge #205 (09/15/06) CLOSED

Theme #205 for 15 September 2006 is: Thirsty?

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 18 September 2006.

Oh man, awesome. There are gonna be some hilarious entries.

If anybody needs any ideas, this is what Sagobaby would like to see:

Well, haven’t done one of these in a while (years)…

But let’s see what my rusty blender skills can still do.

I’m in! And I’m thirsty! <<placeholder>>

Cool. I’ll try. Heh. My first contest.

EDIT: Oh, and lol Sago

I’m liking this Thursday start. I might not get any time on the weekend to do this so here’s my entry now. It will probably be a boring entry from what I’ve seen you guys think up but its the first thing that came to my mind. James Bond once said, “Shaken, not stirred.”

Hello guys,

This is mine :slight_smile:


“It’s been a long day and this person have been walking across the desert for a long time and the person is getting tired, until he saw something he so wanted . . .”

I am Going to Try this one.:rolleyes:


I think I’ll try this one!

The question is whether I’ll finish in time???

  • No wait, just discovered it closes tomorro. Ah well, maybe another time.

Orange Energy! Feel it! Drink it!

This is my quick 1h entry for the weekend challenge. Rendered in Yafray. Some post processing

Here is my pure entry.

The four stages of life:

Here’s my Entry:

Modelled and Rendered in Blender 2.42

This is a 100% Pure Entry

The Aliens Are called Liqads

“The Liqads need water to live, if they have a sufficient amount of water then they stay blue, But if they get thirsty they turn Red.”


Hehe, cool squids/octopus/alien (no pun intended).

What’s that little thing hovering in the middle, that’s in grey?

The one with its shadows cast on the wall behind it, who’s above the water?

I’m going to repeat here what I wrote in my post in Finished Projects.

(Theeth: I also added a shorter link below that you can use when it’s time to put together the poll.) RobertT

This is my entry for Weekend Challenge 205. While at first the topic for the challenge (“Thirsty?”) seemed at first limited to only humor, after some extended reflection I believed there was room for a more serious interpretation of the topic of thirst, as in a/the source of sustenance. Indeed, what this image contains is not only very serious to me but something I consider eternally sanctified as well.

And so, here we are:


Click here to view the image (warning: nudity/image of breastfeeding).

Theeth, you can use this shorter link:

If you elect not to click the link, there is this inscription I wrote on the image that I believe is still worth reading:

“Let us remember that Woman is the sacrosanct source and sacred sustenance of all human life.”

I consider this one of the more important and deeply spiritual moments of life I have attempted capture and portray as artistically as I could. This image is not meant to be photorealistic, only artistic.

I believe it is well worth remembering and reasserting and rediscovering the all too often forgotten sacred and sustaining nature of woman and, through her, the life that enters this world.

My hope was to create a potentially powerful image that might remind most of us of our physical origins as humans, our overall humanity, and the continuing literal life force and love and beauty and nurturing that countless women have provided the world for centuries.

As per the Weekend Challenge rules, this will be classified as an “open” entry, since this blend makes use of the baby mesh I created for my Miracle project.

Light post-processing was performed to type the text and tweak gamma and foreground DOF (glow and background DOF was all done through render nodes).

Thank you very much for viewing my work,


I wanted to take this a bit outout of the box.
Thirsty Justice!
So we have the Glorps a society of blobs in which the most powerful wepon is not a gun but a straw and they deliver thirsty justice.
and a thumb, Enjoy!

If you could animate this it would also fit in the current animation challenge!

Good to see lots of entries!

Pure entry. First in a while
Full Size

Started in on this before I realized I can’t play this week… liquid004.blend

Hey thats a nice idea :slight_smile: Thanks Ill give it a shot