Challenge #207 (09/27/06) CLOSED

Theme #207 for 29 September 2006 is: Lonely

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 2 October 2006.

missed 5… I’ll join this one.,… matches with how I’m feeling so… must be something I can come up with.

I’m in



Here’s my entry, Haven’t tried one of these in a while.


Lol nice idea zoel.

I’ll try to do something, but have not much time this weekend.
Maybe-placeholder. :wink:

EDIT: Ok, this is my entry. It’s called “Alone”.
The sky in the background is an image (as you surely can see). Everything else is pure blender with a little gimp postpro.

Title: In the shadow of lonely tree

Pure entry

Hi Guys.

This is my first ever blender challenge, but for once I’ve completed something I’m pretty happy with for about an hour and a halfs work. :slight_smile:

Title: Alove on the Jetty


congrats on your first entry Cuby, it’s my second :smiley: … though last time … I sucked even more than this time:P My rendering times are going to beat the modeling time.

Thanks. I hate long renders so I tend to keep things simple.

Ocean at the earth’s end.

Decided to try something a bit lighter this week so this is 4 er so hours of work.

Pure Entry. No postprocessing except for the borders


PS:Seems like I wasnt the only one with the tree idea.

hmm i’m definately in it’s just whether I’ll reach the deadline

Here is my Pure Entry

Poor Rusty the dog has been locked outside the house and is lonely.

And a thumb


Here is my pure entry.
This one has a story. My little daughter was in the hospital from Wednesday till Saterday 14:00 with the Rota-virus, believe me there is nothing more fraustrating and lonely than sitting alone in the hospital. Most of the moddeling was done on Saterday while she was sleeping, detailing later the night and during Sunday.

Without further addo here is my image titled : Please…please come and visit

This is my first entry on any elysium competitions so best to make it a good one. Not sure whether it’s pure - everything was made today apart from the gun which is very old.

Post pro was slight contrast edit, 2+ brightness 3- contrast and a border.

Around 4-5 hours of work and if anyone wants the blender file they can pm me in a while


it sucks, but i tried… can’t take another 3 hours(!!!) of rendering :mad:… Pure entry… shame on my materials


sorry double post

well my first WC not much but i guess ive got to start somewhere
well the little fellow seems to be lost and therefor feeling a bit lonely and is trying to get back home wherever that is

okay, now even my chance at the last place is gone:P