Challenge #209: Special Comic Edition (10/13/06) CLOSED

Theme #209 for 13 October 2006 is: Comic

This week, we’re having a special edition of the Week End challenge focused on traditionnal art, Comics in particular. Because of that, we’ll need some special rules:

  • Each entry needs to be hand made
  • You can use whatever medium you want (pencils, ink, paint, coffee stains, …)
  • Entries can be enhanced (inked, blurred, …) in a 2D application, as long as the basis is hand drawn
  • There is no strict theme, be witty, funny, dramatic, whatever you want (standard forum art rules applies: no profanities, …)

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 16 October 2006.

The rules were thrown in together in a hurry, so if you need any precisions, ask.

Just don’t listen to Wu’s ego-talk! :wink:


Someone should do a blenderartists comic with a picture of Wu going off about how great he is, Sago making a comic making fun of Wu, Cyborg Dragon looking personally offended because Sago dropped the F bomb, and Valar King spraypainting his signature on everything.

Ahh, that would be good. :smiley:

why exactly does it have to be hand drawn on paper, as opposed to hand drawn using a wacom?

Why does it have to be a wacom? Why can’t it be an Aiptek?

Hand drawn using a tablette is good.


Hope I’m not too busy.

juan, 10 1 half a dozen the other

also, ah awesome thanks theeth

sounds like fun, I’ll give it a stab…

EDIT: nah, I won’t enter this time

yearh good idea…

This’ll have to do for my entry.


Have you ever noticed that Wu and Sago seem to appear and disppear from the forum at the same time?

For example, both took part in the Super Challenge round one but both, surprisingly, ducked out of round two. Sago claimed to be in hospital while Wu claimed to be chasing women. More recently in the Sago comic thread which spawned this challenge, both Sago and Wu were very active early on, then both seemed to go away and now both are back again.

Then there’s these quotes from Super Woman/Wuman/wuman/wu-man/Wu-Man himself:

“it also may be possible that me and a certian wu-man buddy may be trying to make a t-shirt of our own”
“i dont think sago could do a weekly comic, i have been watching him and studying him…like people at the zoo study apes.”
“he works in a manic pace, creating comic after comic, model after model, and then !BOOM!..he balls up in his bed and cries for days…could it be because he is a tourched genius…or could it be because he is not a real man…(answer) he is not a real man”

We can guess who the “certain buddy” is can’t we? And how is it they’re able to work together when they supposedly live on opposite corners of the globe? Hmmm… How is it that Wu is able to so easily study Sago? As Wu said, Sago isn’t real - now there’s a big hint from someone who seems to know a lot about him.

And now this from Sago:
“I claim Wu-Man™ as mine, I claim Wu-Man™ as ours. We are WuSago… unstoppable.”

After assessing all available information, I think I’ve discovered the truth:
Hand-drawn with calligraphy marker on bond paper. Scanned then I added text and colour in Photoshop.


haha lol :smiley:

yop, here is my entry :smiley:
Im very new a coloring on computer, so don’t exept it too be perfect … hm yearh… here it is :smiley:

i just stopped by to place my “winning placeholder”

the only thing we have to worry about now is if Sago will be man enough to show up and post an image, or if he is a woman like i know he is, Sago, your afraid? man go to CHURCH!!

anyway, the other thing we have to worry about is where are we going to stack the bodies after i get done destroying you all with my bloody brilliant 2d comic art!! GO TO CHURCH!!

:eek: super greatest has spoken!:eek:

uh didn’t they have a big thing a while ago about religious stuff in people’s work?

Here’s my very first digital comic enjoy :slight_smile:

Fried: uh, that looks awfully familiar :]
But nice try.

vey cool dude

Hey fried, looks great… but uhm… hehe… you said hole(whole?)

heres one by my roommate. I wanted him to enter but he dosent have an account or intrest in blender.