Challenge #209 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Comic

Pure Entries

  • Ammusionist
    Ammusionist quietly emerges…

  • AndyD
    Have you ever noticed that Wu and Sago seem to appear and disppear from the forum at the same time?

  • aws357

  • Blenderist
    “Unusual people don’t like to be stared at”

  • friedbrain
    Here’s my very first digital comic enjoy

  • Lasphere
    Im very new a coloring on computer, so don’t exept it too be perfect … hm yearh… here it is

  • Modron
    A bit of a quickie, I only noticed at the last moment, that I had forgotten to add Sagors ears, but just ignore that.

  • protocoldoug
    “family business”

  • Super Wu-Man
    oh crap…i really dont think i understood the instructions for this contest…
    Non-Participating Entries

  • CornDog’s Roommate
    <no text>

Thanks very much to everyone who participated or showed interest in this special edition. If you think this kind of non-3D challenge should be held every so often, throw in ideas in this thread (don’t forget to vote) and we’ll see what can be done. :slight_smile:


:smiley: modron all the way!!!,:smiley:

also as some of you may or may not know, this challange was created after i challanged sago to a battle with comic drawings, sago never showed up…
super wu-man wins by default, sago tough luck brother, you lose, as in life i am a winner, and you are the loser, hey, i dont make the rules i just live by them, i know i know, but i am super all the time, i am great all the time, and you…well…better luck next time,
you know, beating you in these challanges is getting old, well ta ta for now…

theeth can i add a thumb image,
i dont want people to miss this masterpeice, my winning master peice…against sago…the mighty comic guy, well guess what mighty comic man you got stomped, you got beat, you got worked, to got taken to the hole and dunked on with a two hand reverse stuff shot that shattered all the teeth in your mouth, pushed you neck back so far that your spine shattered into a million peices, and as your fragile body hit the hard concrete all anyone could say was …super …wu …man …WOW!!

whooops, didn’t realize i should have a thumbnail too… could i kindly request one as well? :slight_smile:

thanks! thumbs up

CGS has both traditional and 3d challenges… We should too :smiley: I -love- to blend. But, sometimes I get worn out on 3d challenges cause, I have to work to figure out technical difficulties instead of creating art – so 2d becomes attractive. Hopefully other people feel the same way :slight_smile:

Idea Suggestions:

Rock The Spot
Leave You Far Behind
Tiger Style
Do I Look Like A Slut?
Don’t Touch My Hair
Automatic Activity
Liquid Cool
Destroy Rock & Roll
Be Like You
Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out
Nude Night
Southern Girl

(…chosen at random from a bunch of song titles, kind of a good repository of ideas… they give you some kind of glimpse of a concept)

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to compete in our speed modelling challenges, and speed drawing challenges which we post in the speed modelling challenges forum on BA!!

Totally agree with protocoldoug, maybe hold a weekly challenge thingy for traditional art, am sure there’s many blender users who are also good at traditional graphics and would like this type of outlet for their creative skills.

btw very nice entries all :slight_smile:

Hello !!!


HELLO !! (Jumps up and down waving arms)
Notice me please !!!

drat. That’s it. I’m outta here. Gonna hide out back in the Animation Challenges now.

[CLUMP CLUMp CLUmp CLump Clump clump … slam]

modron all the way!!!,

Gee thanks Wu-Man. After all the support I’ve given you in so many threads, this is the thanks I get!! :eek:

Oh, +1 for protocoldoug :slight_smile: Not funny (I don’t think) but nice “comic” feel rather than cartoon feel. I’m surprised Wu didn’t give it his vote - for different reasons.

nah, AndyD, your stuff was awsome too, didnt we already go over this in my hearwarming private message you big dummy!

anyway, modron had the super wu-man ass shot, you cant pass up the super wu-man ass shot, thats why i say!!

modron all the way!!

nah, AndyD, your stuff was awsome too, didnt we already go over this in my hearwarming private message you big dummy!

Yes but I was maintaining the public illusion you nutter. BTW, I liked Modron’s pic too so I’ll try not to be too disappointed.

What’s this?!?! Friedbrain comes up through the pack!!!

yeah, the ass is mojo enhanced, strictly a non surgical process of course.

Thanks AndyD, you did have a nice showing. Shoot, definitely good entries all around.

…I had a feeling about fried’s when I got a sneak preview over in #smc thumbs up

It was really, really hard for me to know what to vote on. Several of these entries easily match the technical and artistic qualities of a modern day comic. The gag-strips worked really well. But the more complicated “graphic novel” pieces seemed across-the-board to me to be, well, how do I say it (do I say it? well, yeah…), very weak writing.

The art’s great, but there are too many words, and sometimes an effort to put two pivotal story-points on the same page at the same time. The girl whose family got plugged is both acting, and think-talking about it, and confronting the bad-guy, and (I presume) getting killed by the bad-guy, all in one page! “To be continued?” Looks like there’s nothing to continue: the heroine just got wasted.

The other one? Sorry dude, but look at it from a distance. The whole shot is about two very satisfied males, looking at tits and ass. Well done tits-and-ass but there’s no story-arc here: just tits and ass. The mob-stuff is secondary.

I tossed my hat in with the “ammusionist” basically because it did the best overall job of story, with the familiar “sketchbook artist sketching about himself” allegory. And it’s a scene we can all relate to. Actually, though, I would have voted for the non-participating CornDog’s Roommate had it been available, because it’s a good “classic strip” with decent pacing and, I think, good cinematography.

In Roommate, the camera has been used to good effect: - A wide establishing-shot, with the subject character (easily identified as such by his distinct shirt) entering left-to-right. He’s the only one moving. - Two medium shots in frames two and three, and they are mirrored so that the straight-man character occupies two adjacent corners while the star continues his visual movement left-to-right without actually moving. - This might have been visualized as a reverse-angle, with the second line being delivered by the over-the-shoulder person. With the two seated characters basically being the same, the “magically appearing smiley button” appears like a mistake, although I think a reverse-angle was clearly intended (and, all things considered, achieved). - Everything about frames two and three is carefully mirrored, including the placement of the dialogue. - The joke is delivered in frame four, obviously after a little time has passed because the characters have moved completely. The camera has relaxed back again to reveal the whole forearm, but it’s closer than in frame one. The smiley-button serves to establish just who this character is. His expression is neutral and his pose is the same. The same framing-device has been used again, putting our star adjacent to himself so that we don’t have to skip over the straight man to reach the joke. This also arrests his left-to-right movement and makes the scene feel comfortably complete.

Hey, I hope I didn’t just piss a bunch of people off. I wish that I could draw like that. Like any blog, I’m just a’talkin’ and I hope that if anyone wants to reach the flame button please forebear.

Winner: friedbrain with 25% of the votes


PS: This week’s winner doesn’t get to pick a topic, since it was a special edition.

Pipped at the post! Congratulations friedbrain.

What’s this? A special Comic challenge? Cool, that’s just my thing. So when will the entries close?

Awesome!! thanks for all the votes, this was really fun, also thanks to the folks who thought of the challenge, and all the participants and their mega cool entries :slight_smile:

Hrmmm, well… I cannot disagree with you on the writing. And I for one, certainly under-estimated how difficult the writing would be. I probably should’ve come up with the writing first, but… I just kinda came up with a concept, then added text after the fact. I like figure studies, and most guys like TnA, so… I figured that was a good vector for votes for me. Plus, it’s enjoyable to work on :slight_smile:

I never actually have done any sequential art. And I haven’t written fiction since grade school. Anyways, it’s a lot harder than I ever thought. I can’t even define “story arch” – I don’t know what it means. I also tried to cover way too much in my story in way to few frames. Introducing the idea of human trafficking, drug trade and the use of drugs to control people, tits vs. ass debate, guy getting distracted from business with tits and ass.

Anyways… This is where Fried does shine, imho. He’s got a good classic comic book style story. And he’s got a good background with comics. He knows comics. I haven’t read a comic since like… 1993.

Bottom line was that it was wicked fun. And I definitely appreciate the crit thumbs up :slight_smile: