Challenge #210 (10/20/06) CLOSED

Theme #210 for 20 October 2006 is: War Machine

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 23 October 2006.

Ok I’m in :slight_smile: Been waiting for a new one to pop up and now “War Machine”

My First Weekend Challenge :eek:

What a topic. I’m in.

The largest war machine on earth goes mostly undetected:

I think it’s a great theme. I’m in!
—Place holder—


A7V Sturmpanzerwagen

Modeled in Blkender 2.42 and Rendered in Yafray. Texturing and border done with the Gimp.

The A7V was the first german tank. It was created to counter the first british tanks at the end of the first World War.

I started modeling the basic shape friday night when the theme was announced. The model and texturing was done by saturday night. I spend my morning tweaking and getting the render the way I wanted in Yafray (I had some rendering error that caused me quite a headache) Everything is modeled: the rivets are all hand placed (that took a while…)

I’m especially proud of this entry as it’s probably one of my best models done in such a short time. I’m happy with the camouflage too.

Well I’ll post it in the Finished works section and good luck on the WC you guys!

I am In

I just hope my modeling skills will conve my idea properly :rolleyes:


I’m in.

My 1st Weekend challenge!

placeholder for me as well.

Here is my pure entry. Texturing done in Gimp.
It is a helicopter from South-Africa, the Rooivalk.

I’m in too. It will be my first weekend challenge.

// edit: I’m sorry, don’t count with me.

placeholder (just read the rule and don’t want to miss being in the poll)

A lot of competition.
Ah what the heck, I’m in too.

can I play?

edit: nah i dunno what open is. I read the sticky and it’s very confusing. can I make the image in blender or must it be artistic and photoshopped or something? I will look at other threads to see if I can find out

edit:edit: O I see. I thought the thread meant open/pure but it means open/closed. I’m back in please


Ooo, this looks good for my first weekend challenge.

Tentative placeholder

Or not. I lacked the time, and probably the ability as well, to transfer my concept into blender. Good luck to everyone else.
I would like like to give it a try.
augh ran out of time… oh well next time

Here’s my entry, Pure blender.

I seriously need to learn materials and lighting.

Im in as well, first challenge

grr, sorry I’ll have to withdraw. Just don’t have enought time for it cause of some personal problem at home. Had a idea to create a horse-drawn double ballista (a giant mounted crossbow). maybe later when I have time, I’ll try to create it again doe a WIP.

Title: Autoannihilatamaton

The war machine automates destruction.

Contrast was tweaked in post. This project made use of part of my skeleton from my Faustus project. Particle effects were used for smoke from some of the turrets.


the terrifying slug of DOOM!! ( low poly+shadeless+low res texture )

Oh my god!
It’s hopeless now.
Title : Sacrifice
Description : Sacryfice to the war machine.