Challenge #211 (10/27/06) CLOSED

Theme #211 for 27 October 2006 is: Epic Failure

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 30 October 2006.

Got a great idea for this one.

Title: Epic Failure
Description: Super Wu Failed

Epic Failure, sounds like an critical miss in D&D at epic levels. :X


editway to busy this weekend so no entry

i’ll give it a go.

withdrawn this weekend

c’mon Modron, let’s kick some butt this time!

placeholder :smiley:

[edit] i’ve got something, but it’s not done yet, so i guess i’ll send it in later as a non-participating entry. Hurray for those who didn’t squeeze out of this contest :wink:

I’ll take a shot at it…


(whatever that means)

Read the sticky for all info on the contest including placeholder


I got a great ides too but don’t list me until I get a picture up since I’m not too sure i’ll be able to finish and update a model in time.

sure… :slight_smile:

“An entry is submitted by posting a message in the relevant Entry thread before closing time”

Is this the entry thread? [would you just post your pic here?] - like , for the CONTEST :slight_smile:

Any of my projects would fit under this heading

Here’s my pure entry Icarus Workshop

Too busy this weekend…have to withrawl my placeholder

I did last time and it seemed to work good. Good luck.

book me in! party of one

Large Size

  1. I had fun with this picture(can you tell?) Unfortunately,the destruction of Mr. Fred’s homeworld is taking place… but besides that,all is well.

  2. This is a Pure submission.

  3. 250kb fullsize image


4 (comments -if you have the time, please read :))

  • look closely at the eyes (in the fullsize pic) - you should see a huge explosion in them…
    …mourn and weep little guy… that was the donut house that just got nuked… Which would explain the expression…

-This photo is currently set as my desktop background…

  • If you want to, check out the stuff I’m posting at (including a variation of the Epic Failure)

    -Thanks for looking, I appriciate it :cool:

don’t count me in the contest. sorry, just not enought time with my brother visiting before going to korea (he is in the army).

Mayeb Im in…

Joke Entry:
Really an epic failure of an entry. :smiley:

Elephant Project: Invasion China
An excuse to make some elephants. :rolleyes: