Challenge #211 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Epic Failure

Pure Entries

    I had fun with this picture(can you tell?) Unfortunately,the destruction of Mr. Fred’s homeworld is taking place… but besides that,all is well.

  • Blenderist
    Super Wu Failed

  • pamtango
    Elephant Project: Invasion China

  • shongshong
    Epic Failure

  • tom*p

  • TyFric
    Icarus Workshop
    Non-Participating Entries

  • cerin
    Joke Entry:
    Really an epic failure of an entry.

Would go with cerin for the sweet modelling job, but since he’s not on the list, I gotta give this one to TyFric.

Nice images from all! My vote goes to tom*p for the hilarious contrast between silly failure (the sword being bended) and serious ambience, which applies to shongshong’s image as well :smiley:

incidently, here’s my non-participating entry:
The weel - first version, used for approx. 500 years till someone finally thought of a better way.
(the 500 year stuff is mumbo jumbo of course)

not as many entries as expected but i kinda like 'em all :slight_smile:

Have to say shongshong! That one just makes me laugh; sticking an explossive in his mouth and lighting it, instead of a cigar! Love it!!! Great modeling and texturing as well!

This one made it all the way to my desktop!

Definately shongshog for this one. Brilliant concept and great execution! (pardon the pun)

hahaha shongshong, great! :smiley:

Shongshong - excellent.

I love the fact that the sparks are so dramatic that he should realise. The collar and the bottom lip are quite typical for a stern military caricature, but they’re details that work for this. It just makes the image stick out, and also i want to see what happens next.

Great entry. :smiley:

shongshong: gallery material.


shongshong is the master
go shongshong

Nice piccy shongshong, you get my vote, I just realised
you done the Panzer 7 render in the artwork section.
What I really want to know is what is he reading?

:smiley: thanks!
My origional ideas for this project were very blurred. But as I created the character, the composition for the scene developed after. Throughout the time creating this, the characters expresion changed like… 2 times, from sad-scared, to stern sargent.

The paper is actualy a German ww2 tank production document I found. But I like the vaugeness of what the paper says. It makes the veiwer interprit the scene in his own way

Winner: shongshong with 74% of the votes



Congrats shongshong! Great image! Gallery stuff!



Great image Shong Shong, congrats

hello been a long…long time from being here…
i have to say that i realy have to give aplauds to Shongshong…
very well…good job…and to the others …keep it up…there all better than anything i could try to assembliate…lol

good to be back…and bdm …good to see u still here