Challenge #212 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Grand and Massive

Pure Entries

  • Ammusionist
    Well, I’ll be in the half that makes the top half possible!!!

  • bennis
    Grand and Massive

  • Hippie
    It’s nothing very fancy, but I think the idea is pretty clear.

  • Marslyr
    “Once you hit “Grand And Massive” you know you’ve gone too far.”

  • Noodlesgc
    Here’s my entry, its grand and it is massive. and 100% pure

  • Peasley

  • Popsy
    The Great Big Splodge in the Middle of the Universe

  • Sago
    Big goofy Dumb Moderator

  • scraze
    La Grande Suzanne
    This is the massive statue in the city New Suzanne. To look at it fills the hearts of
    the monkeys with pride, as the statue symbolizes the greatness that resides in the
    rather tiny monkeyheads of New Suzanne.
    Open Entries

  • Cuby
    iMac and a Tower
    Non-Participating Entries

  • shongshong
    The Union Pacific, Grand and Massive in all its glory

My vote to scraze.

I uploaded my model for anyone that wants it.

scraze rulezz

Bdgm is a Grand Moderator.
And in this image massive.
So I vote for Sago
Close second to scraze


uhhh, that´s difficult, I think I vote for scraze, closely followed by sago, sago, has the better technical skills I think, but scraze´s idea rulez :wink:

wow! Some REALLY good entries this time. :smiley: really beutilulful work :smiley:
My vote for sago… maan…
Oh and hippie. Thats some VERY good model you made to your image.,
And Noodlesgc. Downloading you model, right away. :smiley:
Yearh… good model :smiley: thanks :smiley:

Hey. Why ist Shongshong includet in the poll?

on the count of that I already won last week, it would be rather unrully for me to enter again, i rekn’

blush thanks for the votes 'n support guys :slight_smile:

@Noodlesgc: funny coincidence, my vote went to you :smiley: massive monster you made there !

YAAAAY - I got 0 !!!

You think that’s easy? Let’s see Sago do that!!!

By the way… After seeing Sago’s image, i got a little idea what his next short production is going to be about… ;)… Don’t u?

Winner: Sago with 39% of the votes