Challenge #213 (11/10/06) CLOSED

Theme #213 for 10 November 2006 is: why the government chooses not to blow up clowns who like to paint rabbits pink

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 13 November 2006.

Title: “Mr Floppsy is still a Republican at least, hurrr!!”

Signature and title are post pro, background is photo added & tweaked with nodes, rest is pure blender.



Hello. This is my first time entering a competition here. I have followed the weekend challenges for some time now and this time I decided to participate.

friggin’ awesome theme :slight_smile: i’m in if father time lets me.

What the heck kind of theme is that?!

Alright here is my entry, it didnt quite turn out how I wanted it too BUT it took to long to render for me to want to dick with it anymore.

100% blender (except the text, mspaint ftw)


this is my first time, so please, be gentle

Theeth are you losing it?? :smiley: Haha. That is the most random theme we’ve had, but funny never the less.

Cerin, theeth doesnt choose the theme, the winner of the previous WC does lol
Totally wacky entries lol!
Eventual entry if I can get an idea

I didn’t pick this topic, Sago did. But thanks for questioning my sanity regardless. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, then Sago is crazy, insane, raving, nuts, wacko, loony, psychotic, screwy, bonkers, demented, etc…

Im thinking about it, but I’m not promising anything though.
But it may be non participating.
You will have to excuse my new name, its been a long time.


Im sorry I decided not to enter in the end.
I was going to do a bit of a blenderpoint presentation,
but I dident want to piss off MS et al.

They DO blow up clowns who like to paint rabbits pink, it’s just done in a far away country, so we never really hear about it.
It’s my very first real blender scene other than things I’ve created with tutorials. Enjoy.
(click for full size)
(pure blender)

My second entery in the row. This is another quickly whipped piece, the clowns head is a reuse of one of my older models, which actually isn’t even finished yet.

But without any further babbling, here’s my take on the subject:

edit— I did a quick re-render of the scene with fluffier bunny and without ao. Now it’s finished.

Pinko Painter

Larger Version:

hopefully not late (if i worked it out i should be ok by 20 mins).

not finished but times a factor

darn those clowns painting bunnies pink. If I was THE GOVERNMENT I’d blow them all to smithoreenes!