Challenge #213 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: why the government chooses not to blow up clowns who like to paint rabbits pink

Pure Entries

  • ajc158
    “Mr Floppsy is still a Republican at least, hurrr!!”

    why the government doesn’t shoot clowns who paint bunnies pink

  • DevinKell
    They DO blow up clowns who like to paint rabbits pink, it’s just done in a far away country, so we never really hear about it.

  • k1b3
    no text

  • pamtango
    Pinko Painter

  • Peasley
    no text

  • steve343

  • Walls of Eryx
    no text
    Open Entries

  • Hippie
    the clowns head is a reuse of one of my older models

You cracked me up Peasley, so I vote for you. Though I liked Walls of Eryx pic too.

k1b3 I liked your idea… maybe some fur on the bunny’s would have made it extra-special.

Leave it to Sago to think of a topic like that.

Thanks for the feedback DevinKell. It was my first time patricipating here. Hopefully I’ll learn something for future challenges :slight_smile:

My vote went for Walls of Eryx for the wicked clown, even thought the picture didn’t explain the topic at all.


This is also my first, and I know I’ve taken much out of it aswell.

Sometimes, usually, the idea is a good one such that the entries are also good. And sometimes…

No vote this time.

And I big thank you to whomever was kind enough to vote for my little render :slight_smile:

Winner: Peasley with 30% of the votes