Challenge #214 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Failed Disney Projects

Pure Entries

  • fambros
    There was a project to put togheder Disney’s Pluto and Stephen King’s Cujo . . . .

  • Friday13
    This is what happens when you let Disney handle Pixar movie sequels.

  • Hippie
    In the 80’s Disney wanted to produce an animation movie about some famous detective. In the end the two choices were Sherlock Holmes and, of course, Dirty Harry. Only this early promotional teaser poster has remained from the movie, that was finally left un-made.

  • Marslyr
    “Mikey the Rapper.”

  • Vuurstorm
    Now with all the new Disney and other 3d characters coming into the scene.
    What about all the older characters.

  • Walls of Eryx
    Unlike the controversy over the Lion King(Kimba the White Lion), Disney claims that they definetly did not steal the idea for this movie. Unfourtunatly it’s seem that no one enjoyed watching Mickey get beaten to a bloody pulp then Crucified.

I was torn between WoE and Vuurstorms, though I went with Vuurstorms because the modeling was better though WoE idea was a lot funnier.

had to go with Walls of Eryx for this one, best concept by far, even though the modelling/materials/lights are pretty much pants it still portrayed the concept.

went with WoE, because the idea is so funny.

Woe is my favourite too.

Now this is a truly frightening contest…

… All of those ideas could be real! :eek:

…Like “Little Bo Peep” in “Silence of the Lambs”.

(Durn, should’ve entered! ;))

I Voted For Walls of Eryx.
Friday the 13th was a close second.
Thanks to all who voted for me.


Winner: Walls of Eryx with 45% of the votes



Congrats to Walls of Eryx! Definitely deserved it.

Second place is not too shabby.

thanks to everyone who voted for me:D congrats to everyone who participated
i promise to work harder on my models and textures in the future.