Challenge #22 Voting CLOSE

(theeth) #1

This week’s theme: Bonfire

Pure Entriessteve343[list:772c1367c7]another week another
unfinishedentry…sigh Completely done in Blender with all procedurals. Photoshop for the
Open Entriesimgranpaboy[list:772c1367c7]this entry is
open…everythingwasmodeled and rendered in photoshop[/list:u:772c1367c7]

(BgDM) #2

WOW steve343! Great flame and very nice texturing on the logs! Great work.


(Ecks) #3

Good work all!but my vote goes to imgranpaboy…yea even if its not blender!:slight_smile:

(Bogey) #4

First let me apologiseforpicking
the subject and then not entering. I wasent snubing it but I had to have a go at the speed game comp, and dident leave myself time to finish my pic. After spending the last 2 days trying to render some thing that looks like fire my hats off to steve343
who gets my vote, but they were all very good entries. If you would like to see what I finally managed to come up with, cut and paste this link. viewed full screen with the room
lights out.see you at the next one. cheers,Bogey.

Sorry this link has gone down. I will make a new site and repost later on

(blengine) #5

lol thanks X-warrior! =) glad to se some peeps arent totally biased against open entries 8)

(steve343) #6

wow i might actually win this
week :o my vote went to imagrandpaboy reminds me of my fealings towards school some years back.

(theeth) #7

Winner with 74% of the votes: Steve343!