Challenge #226 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: One of Nature’s Mysteries!

Pure Entries

    Are we alone?

  • djbjrca
    Hmm. Never done one, but hey, I’m in

  • RobertT
    The Wave-Particle Duality of Light

  • Sandalphon
    If a area gets overpopulated by lemmings, they’ll commit mass suicide during migration, leaving only the social outcast’s behind. These will then repopulate the area again. Where upon the cycle begins again…

  • trak wrecka

  • xm4r5h4llx
    A few billion years ago a single creature surprised its peers by stepping out of the water and walking on the land… As it did so others just looked amazed and asked, “Now what in the hell is so great about living up there, Bob?”

Nice picture. Lemmings was my idea too. I mean no disrespect to your entry, but …

When I was looking lemmings up on the 'net (I wasn’t quite sure what a lemming looked like) I learned that the lemming mass suicide thing is a myth that was started by Disney. According to a several different websites I read, the film crew for the documentary “White Wilderness” induced the lemmings they filmed to jump off cliffs. Lemmings are not even indigenous to the area they were filmed in, and were brought there by the film crew. Not so mysterious after all. Once I read about that I was somewhat discouraged (although happy for the lemmings) and couldn’t think of something else to do. I considered the bermuda triangle, but couldn’t think of a way to pull it off.

Well i did the same thing as you did… Just in reverse order. Made the image first, and then checked the facts… Not too clever… So i had the choice whether to scrap the picture :no: or just ignore reality :slight_smile: You can guess what i choose … hehe

And i must say, i too am happy for the lemmings. They are really really cute rodents… hmmm… i think i’m gonna include lemmings in my next WC. No matter what it may be :eyebrowlift:

  • ohh almost forgot… Vote for me… hehe…

Figures Disney would be behind something like that… :rolleyes:

Awww, those lemmings are soo cute!

RobertT’s is soo pretty… (drool)

My mind… vote button acting on its own… can’t stop…

Pretty = :no:

Cute = :wink:

Vote cute!!

Nahh it’s okay… RoberT’s is a lot prettier than mine, i’ll just be happy if i end up in top-ten. ( But first is best… )

nice entries everyone:yes:
good job:spin:
i think i’ll have to vote for ___________. (fill in the blank):stuck_out_tongue:

Hey all, I was so close to finishing on-time it makes me almost cry to think I spent so much time on my entry to see me not get home until after the dead-line (I had a few minor details I believed I could fix before entering.)

Well, I tell you one thing, I’m most definatley in for the next round. :evilgrin:

-The Jack

Yeah, jackj, i was wondering where it was. Email me the entry.

And whoa. I got a vote? :smiley:

Great entries everyone. I’m seriously impressed.

I gotta say that I liked the diamonds, the hedgehogs, and the dna stuff. The particles of light stuff was cool, but it lacked something.

Amazing RobertT, abstract and hypnotizing.

Voted for Sandalphon. Loved the render and critters, though the picture comp could have been a bit better.

Nice paintish thing you’ve made there RobertT, reminds me of something but I don’t have a clue what it would be.


Just another abstract piece from RobertT, voted for xm4r5h4llx because of the concept, instead of the pretty wavy lines :no:.


Winner: RobertT with 46% of the votes



Thanks to those who liked my image.

BTW, my entry was not what I would consider true abstract :no: These were primarily particle paths being portrayed :yes:

Here is far more abstract-looking art created by nature, the very types of real literal images that inspired my entry:

More images at:


Nature’s own art is far more amazing and beautiful than anything we can possibly attempt to create, I think :wink:


Congrats RobertT

And great job everyone who entered. :slight_smile: