Challenge #24 Voting CLOSED

(theeth) #1

This week’s theme: Home

Pure Entries

it’s the “porche” (sry dont know the name in english…). I remember when I was young I made this trick to a neightboor…he didn’t like the joke…son’t know why? I hope you’ll all understand I was making a joke when I model this. I don’t want to offend anyone that think my render is not ok for them. Sorry for all the problem this may cause. Thank you…and good luck to all the other entry!


here it is a nice house

THis is my weekend retreat in the mountains, (for when my wife kicks me out ).


(9) #2

mm… the WEC seems to have lost a bit of his fame… So hat off to the four submitters. I must say sincerly that it was a hard vote this week for me. Excellent ideas and/or realizations!

X-Warrior: porche se dit tout simplement “porch” :wink: des fois faut pas chercher!..



(rogerm3d) #3

Shame that there wernt more people entering this time.
Need an ad campaign? :wink:
Well looks like im garrantied to win…the least votes. :wink:

(digitalSlav) #4

don’t know about the fame but i do know that the topics have been a little unappealing. let’s get some action in next week or something that someone can actually wrap their brain around! i mean everyone sits HOME being bored… what do you expect. congrats to those few who actually pulled something outta their electron box.

(Piraniac) #5

good luck guys!

yeah, i think the WEC needs to more advertised (just around the forum like) i keep missing it until its too late :frowning:
Agree with tmtechie though on the topics, not exactly exciting.
no offence intended to those that suggest them! :wink:


(theeth) #6

Winner with 42% of the votes: Bogbean!



(bogbean) #7

Yay! I won!

It was pretty close though. Commiserations to BgDM - you almost made it. And at least everyone got some votes. I always think it’s a shame when someone gets zero!

Are we going to get a new voting system some time soon?

I just sent my reply for the next topic, but don’t know how long it will take to appear with the time differences and all, so in case it takes a while the next topic should be

Pain in the Brain

(BgDM) #8

Congrats bogbean! I almost had you this time. :wink:

“Pain ni the Brain”, eh? Sounds good.

/me gets to work.


(browman) #9

Look out, forum newbie alert!

“Pain in the brain”, eh!

It has potential… think I might have to get to work on this one too…