Challenge #240 (05/25/07) CLOSED

possible placeholder

possible place holder

This is my first submission on this site, hopefully I’m doing it properly.

“Dao De Dawn”

Pure Blender 2.44.


Hi all,
Pure blender… my first entry evar.

pure blender entry!

BTW, this is my first WC ever! so if i did this wrong please tell me. thanks!

I have been hesitating but finally I decided to give it a try: my very first entry.

Pure Blender.


I love some of the entries in this one!

Elements in Balance:
(Pure Blender)


Ok, heres my entry - Well done to the other competitors.

Yin Yang
An ancient game, an eternal duel

My first shot at using the Ivy generator! Its an amazing program!

PS: lots of great entries !