Challenge #240 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Yin Yang

Pure Entries

  • AD-Edge
    Ok, heres my entry -

  • Ammusionist
    Elements in Balance:

  • Bluefire
    <no text>

  • Edeehem
    Yin Yang
    An ancient game, an eternal duel

  • Jeepster

  • Marsan
    Yin and Yang on the Stage of Life - in perfect balance to each other.

  • Mornstar
    <no text>

  • ProfFiendish
    Hello, all, this is my first time here, I’m a bit new to Blender, so, I’m going to try my hand at a WC…

  • p_defer
    This is my first submission on this site, hopefully I’m doing it properly

  • rebogey
    <no text>

  • RobertT
    “Dao De Dawn”

  • Spectre-7
    <no text?

  • superkoop
    pure blender entry!

  • Teld
    Many small forces in equilibrium

  • UnknowVector
    <no text>

  • zapwow
    Pure blender… my first entry evar.

Good work everybody. :wink:

Voted for Spectre 7, just seemed easy on the eyes and uncomplicated. Like yin and yang.

Well… clearly I’m a bit out my league. That said, I’ll be sure to aim higher next time 'round. See y’all next week.

I finally got the hang of composite nodes this weekend. I don’t think I need gimp again.
I was going to to do hammerhead sharks, but there seems to be enough orphaned fishes
Anyway, pure blender, apart from, not that you would notice scanned my eye light map.
Its called, NGC42.

ps, talk about light pollution, I bet Patric Moore dosent have half as much trouble getting a picture. I had to black the windows out.

pps, to see it properly, you need it full screen, in a dark room.

Voted for Spectre 7, I like those geometrical details.

My vote goes to spectre-7 too. It has a clear simplistic beauty to it.

Elements is my favorite. I like the feel of the image, spectre-7 is fine as well, but to austere in my opinion.

Voted for jeepster :smiley: good work mate! My goal was 1 vote, but it seems like a hard thing to get with all those other excellent entries! Good work everyone!

Mornstar’s work is my fave this week. Great work everybody!
Robert, she has great smile :slight_smile:

I’ll try to attend in the next weekend contest.

Cool beans man, you got my vote.

@ The rest of yous guys who posted on Image Shack:
I’d like to look but I can’t stand those unblockable popups so I close the window B4 anything gets the chance to invade me.

@ zapwow:
I especially wanted to look at your image! Too bad.

Was it not loading properly? Thanks

No, the moment I see image shack pop into the address bar I close it because they give me popups that can’t be blocked.

Seems like when the theme is about balance, the votes are completely left without…
So I’d just like to say, a lot of you deserve votes imho, but … you got yinned! :eek:

Fun image, Marsan. It has a lot of character, and it also has my vote.

Holy cow. I didn’t expect to do quite this well. In fact, as of the first night of voting, I thought Jeepster was going to whip me silly. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to everyone competing. There are a lot of really cool entries in here, and I had a lot of fun looking through them all. It wasn’t entirely easy deciding who to vote for – Marsan’s has a lot of personality, and Jeepster’s is easily a more complete scene than any of the others (IMO). I also really dig what zapwow did with the water effects. In the end, my vote went to p-defer, who I thought had a really interesting concept. To be honest, I sorta kinda had his in mind when I started my own.

For RamboBaby and all you imageshackophobics:
Zapwow’s image []

WOW! someone voted for me! :smiley: I didnt think i would get a vote. well who ever voted for me thnx! its a boost to my confidence, and even though I didtnt think mine was the best, it still helps.
btw, I voted for spectre-7. I just liked it best, i’m not sure why i liked it the best, but it was still my personal fav. it was a tough decision though, i thought there were ALOT of REALLY good images this week!
Can’t wait untill the next WC! happy blendering.

Hey Superkoop! I voted for you ( t least I think I did. I did it a long time ago but I still love your entry!!!) because I thought that it was a sweet design! Probably better then what I could have done too! I would have entered but with memorial day and graduation it was really busy around here! Look for me in future contests. I will try and join in if I can!!!

Winner: Spectre-7 with 42% of the votes



congratulatons spectre 7!!!
nice piece :slight_smile:
lookin forward to the next WC!!!