Challenge #243 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Prototype

Pure Entries

  • Babracadabra
    A prototype who has escaped from his laboratory, and is ready to wreak havoc on mankind…

  • cris_2703
    light bulb prototype

  • Djarielm
    Alexander Graham Bell’s Centennial Prototype

  • Jack000
    sabotaged prototype

  • joker3004
    Prototype of a new as many as you want-core processor.

  • Marsan
    The Computer WC Prototype

  • RobertT
    Lost notes found of a prototype Renaissance raytracer…

  • sgbzona
    Simple meter-engine.

  • superkoop
    prototype hydrogen off-road vehicle

  • The M.h.p.e.
    Prototype: Wheelbarrow

  • TyFric
    Here’s a pre-WWII fighter prototype – the Grokhovsky G-38.
    Open Entries

  • rebogey
    Crappy web cam pics only comped in blender. This is SP5 prototype in the picture but unfortunately SP stands for slumpy penguin this time.

Let me go on-record right now with this pronouncement (jm2cw…) : this week, you all won! :smiley:

i voted for marsan - i really want one of those lol :stuck_out_tongue:
nice work everybody

The standard was high this week well done to all participants.

I agree, there is some good entries this week. I like Marsan’s work but I’m also a huge fan of mathias work and once again you produced some excellent work.Good luck to everyone.

What a tough, tough (really tough!) choice this week. All entries are very good. In the end I went with The M.h.p.e.'s wheelbarrow for it’s wonderful mood and great idea.

Well done everyone, as has already been said, the standard is very high this week. :yes: Thanks to whoever suggested the subject, I’m sure that we all had a lot of fun with our inventions!

RobertT: I think your entry is super, it is much less common to think of what we can do when rendering an image, than those of us who have created the model first.:wink: I’d be really interested to see a tutorial for your nodes setup there.

Jack000: You didn’t mention whether your entry was pure Blender or not. If it is, is it rendered with Yafray or Blender internal? The aluminium on the reactor looks very realistic. (Now you’re going to say that it is actually a photo, and I will look really stupid :rolleyes:

and, of course, hats off to Mathias, that is a great render.

Good luck to all :smiley:

Bab - it’s a photo :cool:

Matthias, did you use SSS on your stone material?
To me it looks a bit like sugar candy :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, I really like your pic. (And the others as well!)

bah, you could have said so when you entered it :p. Good “fake” render though (if that’s what you were trying to do), you had me fooled :o

Hehe, why would I use SSS on stone???:confused:
Must be the back light (enhanced with color ramps) making tricks…

Thanks for the votes everyone!

Bab - sorry, I lied…

It’s yaffed, although I’m flattered that you thought it was a photo :eek:

I really should just stop talking, I’m just embarrassing myself :confused:

…nice one Jack :wink:

That was what I was thinking as well :stuck_out_tongue: Must have been the backlight indeed:spin:

I’m really impressed by how few people have voted for Jack000.

“”“artistically”"" speaking, yeah, maybe Mathias’ entry is better, but still, the realism in Jack’s entry is truly remarkable.

Indeed, high standards this time. RobertT has my vote. Never thought of using Blender like this. I would like to see that Blender-file

Some good entries definitely. Also I cant remember seeing so many votes in a WC, so it must be gaining popularity. In the end I voted for Marsan, as it looks like one of those things that we will have to have whether we like it or not. I apologize for my poor entry. First time let loose with a paint brush for about 8 years, and I used to use das pronto, rather than milliput, so I guess I will have to change my technique.
Anyone going to Glastonbury, have a great time, but the weather dosent look to promising again. On a more positive note its amazing what fun you can have mud wrestling.

Cheers Bogey

Winner: The M.h.p.e. with 61% of the votes




I’m glad you liked my entry, but I’d have to say mphe’s was a lot more impressive considering it was BI : ]

realism isn’t actually that hard to do in yafray

Congratulations MHPE, great materials!