Challenge #246 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Out of Reach

Pure Entries

  • AmateurCannibal
    the angelic being is out of reach of the alienous evil tentacles.

  • Babracadabra
    Mmmmm Cheese!

  • blackcougar
    Cat wants the fish but he just can’t reach

  • blenditall
    The poor little kid can’t reach the cookie on the highest kitchen shelf…

  • Busterhymen
    Here is my quick and dirty concept. I assume most men can relate…

  • Djarielm
    I didnt have time this weekend, but came up with this quickly.

Being a better modeler, so close but still out of reach…

  • expinafre
    A Jewel out of reach

  • Imperitor

  • joeab
    Who Wants A Treat?

  • Mosh
    All i had to give

  • Popsy
    On the night of the 20th of July, millions of Harry Potter fans around the globe wait anxiously for the much awaited final installment.
    It is close, yet so far out of reach…

  • Quizznawk
    The iPhone is out and poor Chad still can’t get it!

  • RobertT
    The Giant Who Longed to Be Small Again

  • shadowabne
    I am too short.

  • Spectre-7
    Deluxe Apartment In The Sky…

  • superkoop
    Peach is out of reach


  • TyFric
    I’m hoping this isn’t as out of reach as it seems:

  • VersusOm
    The idea was a bit different but a lack of time left this…
    Open Entries

  • migero
    eiko’s can’t reach

  • Tys
    Could also fit into the “shit happens” category.
    Non-Participating Entries

  • onzephyr
    “So Juicy”

Wow what a lot of entries, some of them are really good.

I liked Barbracadabra’s, Blackcougar’s, Robert’s, Superkoop’s, mine (but i aint voting for it dont worry) and the three open entries.

Hmmm, its tricky, but Barbracadabra’s was the cutest had just the best way of presenting the idea, it also has a nice atmosphere.

Tyfric, I’ll help you; you’ve got my vote :wink:
Btw, it seems that every week the number of participants is growing. Is it summer holidays?

I’m finding it really difficult to decide between the images of Blackcougar, Blenditall, Spectre-7, RobertT and TheAnimal. They’re all really well done.

I’d like to see an animation from TheAnimal’s image, it makes me laugh when I look at it :evilgrin:

I really loved joeab’s concept, it is a shame that the render didn’t work out too well :confused:

That would be possible, lets see… a rig for the toung, might be tricky… the chameleon would just need a bit of head and eye movement… moth would be a challenge, such a quick motion.
Might consider doing that, but if it turned out crap, i wouldn’t post it. :no:

(double post)

It would be funny to give the moth/butterfly some personality too, like he knows that he is out of reach and teases the chameleon on purpose. A bit of Tom and Jerry :wink:

(thanks for the nice remarks about my image by the way :))

Its nice to see more people entering the weekend challenge, every weekend. I liked Babracadabra’s entry, and for some reason I couldnt open the animals image on imageshack and I didnt get that impact from it as said above. I also like something about imperitor’s entry, maybe its because im from south africa :stuck_out_tongue: but in the end my vote went to Babracadabra.

Anyways, I’m sorry for my pathetic excuse of an entry, but I didnt not want to enter :stuck_out_tongue: Will post something better next w.e.

Good luck to everyone

Thanks Teld, I’ll take all the pity votes I can get! :eyebrowlift:

woho i have 1 point !! nice start next time i will make something from a clean start ;]

wow! you liked mine! somebody who does good work stated in public that they liked mine! i now feel as if i have reached a new level in the realm of 3d, i have moved up from “complete crap” to “semi-suck”!!! :smiley:

YEEEEES!!! :yes:

ropertT, i liked yours the best, but i didn’t htink it connected to the challenge that well…

Maybe… someday far far away… I’ll get a vote :wink:
Ah well - I like your entry, TheANIMAL!

Heh, Popsy yours was actually one of my favorites. I’m a big HP fan but beyond that I just loved the idea and the setup (and the well-used beanbag chair facing the wall with nothing but calendar, clock, and poster!) However, the desired date will eventually come, so I voted for someone else. :o

Thanks a lot for the mention, I’ve only just started using Blender and am using the weekend challenges to try to improve my limited skills. :smiley:

Voted for TheANIMAL’s entry in the end, top three were TheANIMAL, Babracadabra and RobertT.

Aarrghh… Foiled once more :slight_smile:

But it’s out of reach for the present moment… Does that count?

Thanks! There was a one sentence description in the post thread about the giant’s story:

Although he finally gained his wish to become a giant, to touch the stars, to see forever, all he cared for became too small for him to grasp, and so he longed to be a giant no more.

So what was “out of reach” for him before became “in reach,” but the most important things in life (like his wife) he could no longer grasp. Once he remembered her, he wanted to be able to reach her again, and not just physically.

My general idea/question going into this project is “what if you could suddenly reach everything except what mattered most?”

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


Lots of good entries. I like Babracadabra’s, RobertT’s and Migero’s entries most. Again onzephyr did a very nice job aswell, though last mentioned isn’t a option which makes choosing a bit easier. Click! RobertT gets my vote.

So hard to choose, almost had to flip a coin. In the end I picked Robert T. I really like the idea behind the piece and how it ties into the theme. Stylistically I really like the composition pulling the viewer from the midground back to the foreground is not an easy task, well done. The image comes off almost as if it were a soft pastel drawing. again nice work.

The cheese moon in Babracadabra’s piece has a beautiful illustrative style to it. I also really enjoyed Spectre-7’s Jetsons meets Jeffersons concept. Someone else said Babracadabra I think, they would like to see TheAnimal’s entry in motion I’d have to agree.
And Migero your model is gorgeous.

Winner: Babracadabra with 22% of the votes