Challenge #25 Entries (15/11/02) CLOSED

(theeth) #1

Theme #25 for 15 november 2002 is: Pain in the Brain
Entries close at 2300 GMT, Monday, 18 november 2002.

Good Luck!

(BgDM) #2

WOW! first post, and the first entry!!

This is a very loose interpretation of this weeks topic, but hey, that’s what we’re supposed to do, right?!

So, head over to BgDM’s Blender Slop House and get your Fried Ton Brains!!

The model was done in Blender and then all text and gradients added in photoshop. The BgDM logo is also done In Blender and is on the first page of my website, for those that want to see a bigger version. :wink:

Good luck all.


(BMD) #3

Very Open.
Thought the WC’s were dying so i decided to do this. The model is Blendo from the BlenderChar website

Titled: Where’s the Tutorial? (I don’t mean to offend you S68)


(basse) #4


some alternative (gimpified) versions here:

but the pure, blender render version (first one) is the one I’m entering with…


(bogbean) #5

Pain in the Brain.
Little Jimmy Riddle decides to have fun with his father’s lab experiment and a banger he had left over from bonfire night…

Pure Blender

Non-competing entry (as I won the last one) - this is just for fun.

(vosa) #6

OK, I tried also.
I think it need some explanation. It should be a braing going away (cause feel some pain). It’s PURE Blender. Not the best, but hope someone will like it. Thanks
And hope this link will work.
Good bye and keep blending
vosa -¦-