Challenge #25 Voting CLOSED

(theeth) #1

This week’s theme: Pain in the brain

Pure Entries

This is a very loose interpretation of this weeks topic, but hey, that’s what we’re supposed to do, right?!

So, head over to BgDM’s Blender Slop House and get your Fried Ton Brains!!


I think it need some explanation. It should be a braing going away (cause feel some pain).

Little Jimmy Riddle decides to have fun with his father’s lab experiment and a banger he had left over from bonfire night…

Open Entries

Titled: Where’s the Tutorial? (I don’t mean to offend you S68)
The model is Blendo from the BlenderChar website


(d52477001) #2

i vote for basse. very artistic!

(paradox) #3

this one is too hard I think I’ll get some sleep and vote when I get up. They all are great, then I narrow it down to 2 and still can’t decide. Whoa well done everyone.

(basse) #4

why bogbean not participating?


(theeth) #5

because he won last week and chose the subject.


(vosa) #6

Yes, I agree, basses is artistic so he got my point. All images are nice too.
Bye vosa -¦-

(9) #7

basse man your entry is incredible! It almost no more CGI but real artistic painting! I saw very few CGI with this artistic quality, in which the feelings takes over the CG looking.
IMO one of the best pic I saw for the mood and the unicity of execution. You made me :o !
It’s perhaps a lot (too much?) compliment but I really like it.

A special :wink: to vosa too, for his poor lil’brain!



(vosa) #8

wow, I have one point. Didn’t expect. No, I lie, I hoped. Thank to person who gave me it.
bye vosa -¦-

(basse) #9

heh… damn, it was me :slight_smile: I love that huge brain.


(vosa) #10

heh… damn, it was me I love that huge brain.

So … than thank YOU.
bye vosa -¦-

(BgDM) #11

Well basse, I have to tip my hat to you again this week. Great stuff! I even voted for you, (/me slaps himself in the head with a trout).

Look out for next week though. :wink:


(blengine) #12

vosa, i liked yours the best =) aweosme pic, weird and funny… lovely brain and lighting!

(theeth) #13

Winner with 64% of the votes: Basse!



(basse) #14

dhankyou dhankyou… all…

bgdm: thanks, we all do make mistakes :slight_smile: I look forward to your entry this weekend… it just could be your area… 8)

9: thanks… really. I wasn’t sure if people would like it, since I tried something really different this time… the work method was a bit different too. I placed the camera and started modelling around it. placing lights, objects… duplicating objects… moving resizing… and rendering ALL THE TIME… to see how it looks. kind of like painting or drawing you know… and also, in this one, I really liked to show off 3d a bit. those wireframes and boxes… and the stuff that comes when you do radiosity…
I also got some more ideas when doing this, that I really have to try out…


(vosa) #15

imgranpaboy: thank you, it makes one happy when blenderhead like you says he made nice pic…
Pavel aka vosa -¦-