Challenge #255 (09/14/07) CLOSED

Theme #255 for 14 September 2007 is: Autumn Comes

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 17 September 2007.


I had really planned on doing a lot more with this picture, buuuuuut, I had an urge to play with the GE, so more then Likely my weekend will be spent with that. :eyebrowlift:

Get ready for hibernation :spin:
pure 2.44 + little bit o’ post pro with photoshop

Al Qaeda in Iraq claims sheik’s killing

Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility Friday for the assassination of a Sunni sheik who had united with U.S. forces to fight the terrorist group. The Web site claim, whose authenticity cannot be confirmed, called Abdul Sattar Abu Reesha “one of the dogs carrying Bush’s flag.” full story

[email protected]#$%^&()PLACEHOLDER))))))))))(((&^%#!

An abstract picture representing autumn. 100% Pure Genuine Authentic blender2.44, other than the border.
I admit, it’s… experimental. :wink: Best viewed from a distance.

And a thumbnail.

Placeholder. (this place is held by my personal army, none shall invade it :slight_smile: )

Ok, my first time in a contest, should be fun.

A welcoming smile from the favourite time of year,
Autumnal Dream:

Pure entry.

Autumn’s bane comes again.

Pure Blender 2.44.


Oh no! I think I’m too late. :frowning:

Well, I’ll post anyway. Blender 2.44 minus background and title.

Four Species