Challenge #256 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Freedom

Pure Entries

  • blenditall
    Interpret as you wish… somehow I think the spinning sunlit blades of a radiometer represent freedom…

  • BlendRoid
    The Star-Spangled Banner

  • dudecon
    “Hard won freedom”

  • Fog22
    Freedom in the city

  • Marsan

  • Me546
    The dangers of leaving science projects out at night…

  • meinks
    “blender gives us freedom, the freedom to create freely.”

  • Pseudonym
    “The Final Freedom”

  • superkoop
    “Freedom from death and the Devil”

Had to go for dudecon here. Very good contrast, and the bright light from the hole behind the brick seems very freeish. Generally like the style aswell, would be even cooler to drop the candles and have just a moonish light from the window.
Is it allowed to vote on other ppl when i am in the challange?

I voted for dudecon. I like the concept and modelling. Just the render makes me feel like if I returned to the 90’s… probably because of the lighting and yellow halos around candles. But it looks good anyway.

Marsan:: I think it is. I think it is even allowed to vote on yourself, if you would like to :wink:

That would be wrong though.

Marsan: I don’t know about that. If you really believe that your piece of work is the best, go ahead and vote for yourself! I did…
Sweet entry Me546! My brother and I both got a kick out of it.
Fog22, and blenditall, beautiful entries. Very pretty.
superkoop: I’m with you on that one. Proclaiming Christ’s death until He comes brother!

Sorry… no votes this week.

Winner: dudecon with 40% of the votes