Challenge #257 (09/28/07) CLOSED

Theme #257 for 28 September 2007 is: Sci-fi Stalactite

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 1 Octobre 2007.

Spaceshuttle-harvester looking for minrals in cave #339

Possible but highly improbable placeholder.

I am trying to figure out how a stalactite can be sci-fi, or the other way around. Maybe this is one of those things you need to be drunk to figure out.:confused:

Placeholder, easy, just like pissing in the corner of a circular room.

Edit: Bowing out, i cant beat what Blackboe’s done in one weekend.

I was shooting for something a bit less conventional, I’m sure you creative minds can come up with something. Sorry the weird topic is turning out to be a pain.
I was kind of envisioning a space station hanging from the ceiling of a huge cave inside an asteroid, if that gives you a place to start…

That’s exactly what I was thinking of doing. :eek:

I stated to model this a short while ago and decided to finish it because of this comp :slight_smile:

well here is my entry




Here’s my entry.
100% Blender.


Dare I say Weirdest Topic Ever?

Here comes mine entry!

It is pure blender.

Description: They are watching you!


I was going to try it out, but I think I would be better in the speed modeling contest. I don’t have the skills to make something better by spending more time on it. Mine was going to end up like blenderizer and nille’s together. Oh well…

Check the thread in Finished Projectsfor the doohicky informational blurb thing.

my first comp… woah!


wow! now when all the other models come mine rly sux

@BlackBoe: Nice piece of work. I’ve been staring at it for ten minutes trying to imagine how to improve it without breaking the mood, and came up blank. This would make a nice science fiction book jacket. I think you have another gallery piece on your hands, here. [edit] sorry, posted in the wrong thread. This was meant for BlackBoe’s Finished Projects thread. Oops. Guess you all know who I’ll be voting for…[/edit]

Hope you like it:

(Pure blender)

TyFric crawled up in my head and and used my idea.

Marsan: I was going to do hoses and little buildings but Blackboe crawled inside my head so then I needed to find an open head to consume and yours was available

(basically I think the 9 entries so far have covered every possible interpretation of the theme)