Challenge #257 (09/28/07) CLOSED

(Fidelio) #21

Hope you like it (pure blender)


(meinks) #22

No go for me, I’ve got to finish a paper for next week! Dang!

Fun topic BTW…

(anfeo) #23

Thi is my entries


(samf) #24

Mine was going to be a stalactite with round discs intersecting it. It was in a tunnel with a little transport tube on the floor. I abandoned the project pretty easily after looking at the other entries.

(RobertT) #25

They carried the stalactite on their starship as a bittersweet reminder of their first world…


Pure Blender 2.44.


(Popsy) #26

RobertT. How. Do. You. Do. That! That’s really, really cool…

(TheANIMAL) #27

Dunnno if the render looks that good, its certainly got detail but the colours are a bit iffy, however, the interpretation of the theme is the best so far, infact, i wonder why i never considered it.

(Me546) #28

Great job! Your pictures always seem to look like paintings. I couldn’t come up with a good idea so I can’t enter anything.

(RobertT) #29

Thanks for the feedback Popsy and TheANIMAL and Me546 :slight_smile:

I had fun trying to come up with something interesting for this challenging and different topic.

I had an extra hour or so to put into this, so I revised my entry quite a bit in various ways and included onlookers in the scene as I had originally wanted.

My previous post has been updated with the revised image.


(BlendRoid) #30

Awww. It looked so much better before. :frowning:

(samf) #31

Ya… the lighting changed. I liked it earlier.

(RobertT) #32

BlendRoid, samf: Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: As far as the lighting, the previous image was the exhibit portrayed as “closed for the evening,” when no one was around at that late hour to view it, so it was much darker, colder, and bleaker looking, which was not really the final tone I wanted for this piece. I can understand why people might like that particular version more. This “midday” rendition, which I prefer in many respects, especially as far as the story and the warmth of remembrance I had wanted to convey, is the exhibit fully illuminated and has several viewers on the observation decks.