Challenge #257 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Sci-fi Stalactite

Pure Entries

  • anfeo
    This is my entries

  • bennis
    Sci-fi Stalactite Entry

  • BlackBoe
    Morris Hostel (sci-fi stalactite)

  • Fidelio
    Hope you like it (pure blender)

  • iliketosayblah
    my first comp… woah!

  • Marsan
    Spaceshuttle-harvester looking for minrals in cave #339

  • nille
    <no text>

  • RobertT
    They carried the stalactite on their starship as a bittersweet reminder of their first world…

  • the blenderizer
    well here is my entry

  • TyFric
    Hope you like it:

  • ZerQ
    They are watching you!
    Open Entries

  • Easton
    Space Station (open because the model was not done specially for this contest)

Sweet render blackboe,

As usual I’ll be happy with a vote or two – there’s too much talent here to expect more!

Eleven people entered, thats more than usual.

Definately BlackBoe. Are there any tutorials for visable spot lights?

Blackboe all the way! Fantastic work man.

There’s some really nice attention to staging in some of these entries … putting the camera at an interesting angle and using the idea of the stalactite pointing to something.

But quite a few of the entries were … “too damm dark!

I don’t get the lack of RobertT votes. I can envision so much story and depth in this image. I love it. good work.

The only reason I woted for BlackBoe is because of RobertT’s complete lighting change. It ruined the atmosphere for me. If the image was left as it was originally, I would have definitely gotten my vote.

I too voted for BlackBoe, but if he wouldn’t have entered I would have voted for RobertT.

it seems my entry isnt very popular… sigh

neither is mine

I had to be the wierd one and vote for Fidelio

I dont think i’ve ever seen such a one horse victory where Robert wasn’t the one winning, this is unpresedented.

I’ll be out of the country this week end (going to GSOC summit in Mountain View), so no contest this week.

As such, I’ll let the voting thread run until I get back on Tuesday.


U know what we need - is a secondary WC person, for whenever theeth is busy and cant start/close WC threads…
any volunteers? :spin:

I was thinking the same thing Jeepster, it would be nice to have a backup guy or two. I would volunteer, but since I haven’t belonged to the forums very long, I don’t think I would be allowed.
But it would be nice to have a backup person.

I shouldn’t worry about it, Theeth is pretty darn reliable.

BgDM replaced me already once or twice already and I’m sure other moderators could do it too.

Lets just chalk this one as giving everyone a little break. :slight_smile:


Winner: BlackBoe with 69% of the votes



Congrats BlackBoe!