Challenge #259 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Scarecrow

Pure Entries

  • blenditall
    An experimental impressionist sort of thing:

  • Me546
    Here it is, not my best in the least. I was really pushed for time, just trying to get the entry in.

  • rebogey
    no text

  • relledom
    “The Scarecrow In The Grass”

  • superx10
    I had a little bit of extra time this weekend, not too much though :-

  • the blenderizer
    here is my entry
    Open Entries

  • iliketosayblah
    “it is chained up and abandoned there for a reason”…

Non-Participating Entries

  • Robertt
    Fears proved to be unfounded, for the Frighteners of the Fields were nothing more than lights and wires. And so, one by one, the crows felt free again to spread their rusty wings and reclaim the sky once believed to be forever lost.

Ha, superx made me laugh(and most of the others were too dark to make out), though it would be funny as an animation, but(other than Robert’s fanatstic image) by far my favorite.

He’s got my vote.

I definitely liked the concept of “Grass” although the image was, on my monitor at least, extremely dark. Still, I tried hard to peer into the shadows and I did like the way that the shot was composed.

I voted for superx, it made me laugh, but if Robertt would have not one last week, he would have gotten my vote by far.
Most of the rest were too dark, they may have been nice, but they were too dark to see.

i have the feeling my TFT monitor is far too bright because i everything looks alright with my monitor :-[

blenditall: exactly how did you get that render?

Superx10’s is by far the funniest entry.

ps, text :- “No Jasp. The other Crows.”

Love your entry Superx10! It is so funny since it is a play on words! Love it!!

Winner: blenditall with 43% of the votes



Woah, didn’t expect to win. Anyway, I do think I came up with a good topic, so enjoy the next round:evilgrin:.

blackcougar: Just a lot of nodes. I can post 'em if you want.

blenditall: that would be great, i really like the style. Nice choice of topic btw :slight_smile:

dam, posted the wrong picture.

This 1 is called snap 2