Challenge #260 (10/26/07) CLOSED

Theme #260 for 26 Octobre 2007 is: Ancestry

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 29 Octobre 2007.

big rapror

A giant stone phallus it is then.

Edit: Nevermind, i havent had time for the last two months and this week is no exception.


Pure blender

Our ancestors might actually not be from around here o_O[]_alienthumb.JPG

Sprig leaves to find his family tree…


Here is my entry, I like peas!


Lumpycow, wtf?

Hmm… not many entries so far, but the few here aren’t bad at all… nice one robertT, good atmosphere/textures:).

(I don’t think I get lumpycow’s though:confused:)

Suprisingly, I’m loving lumpycow’s entry…
RobertT’s looks pretty fantastic too.

All in all, this is a kinda tough subject, you know?

In a good way?:confused:

And I agree about lumpycow’s entry, I like it, I just don’t get it.:rolleyes:

Oh nuts! I guess I didn’t think about it long enough. well the idea was a family line: the baby/kid pea, then a adolescent/teen pea (with some angst) and then the final outcome, an old wrinkled pea, I think it still goes with the theme… maybe…