Challenge #260 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Ancestry

Pure Entries

  • Jeepster
    Our ancestors might actually not be from around here o_O

  • Lumpycow
    Oh nuts! I guess I didn’t think about it long enough. well the idea was a family line: the baby/kid pea, then a adolescent/teen pea (with some angst) and then the final outcome, an old wrinkled pea, I think it still goes with the theme… maybe…

  • RobertT
    Sprig leaves to find his family tree…

  • TyFric

Lumpycows, Roberts and Jeepstars are pretty funny. I went for Robert but only because the image was better overall.

I voted for lumpycow. I think RobertT’s was a bit overexposed.
Gah! My browser won’t let me view the image, only the thumbnails. Is it a problem with IE or my computer. I’ve been hearing people talk of clicking on it, but that doesn’t work.

Me546: I have to refresh the page to get the image to view in firefox when I open it in a new tab.

Well, I chuckled, and giggled, and said to myself “I really shouldn’t…” and then I voted for the peas, because they had a really nice sense of story.

But I really, really liked Stonehenge. It’s a simple-enough image but very cleanly done.

yeah… nice images :slight_smile: voted for RoberT’s because of the great quality of treatment…

but the peas had a great story and humour :slight_smile:

nice entries

Winner: Lumpycow with 37% of the votes



Wow, I cant beleive i won! Congratulations to all other entries too, especially to RobertT, I liked your entry, it was so close!! – Oh yeah, also thanks for all your votes everybody who did vote!!