Challenge #261 (11/02/07) CLOSED

Theme #261 for 2 November 2007 is: Activation

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 5 November 2007. is my entry


possible placeholder

yep, possible placholder

im having a hard time figuring out what you mean by this

yikes, my entry is taking ages to render…i could be here for a while…


My Entry, not sure if its open or pure so I’ll say open…,
I used a modified makehuman head, the texture was created in gimp, everything else is pure blender… :smiley:

Description — “They had to wait for the “Beast’s” Activation before they could live…”

And a thumbnail for the voting thread.


my pure entry

and on the dawn of battle, as their ships were fueled and charged, they discovered a bomb on the surface of the Haraticus frigate, he bombs activation was imminent…unless the techniciens could disable it immediatley, everyone on that station was doomed to die…


My pure entry.

Anything for a friend:

GAH! I keep forgetting to check the weekend challenge theme! Maybe next week.

25 seconds remain until rocket activation…

Gl all.

I have no idea whats up with my lid, the normals are fine, there are no double verts, I think it must be an ugly lighting product…

EDIT: Almost forgot, pure, though the label on the front was made in Inkscape yesterday Inkscape, and the wall is a free stock texture I like to use.


Probably has to do with set smooth.

like the barcode marslyr :wink:

It is my firm believe this will happen very soon.
Software used: blender 2.45, gimp 2.4.1, pure entry

Could you be so kind and use the attached image as a thumbnail in the voting thread?
Regards, Tys


lol, I hope that doesn’t happen.

I can’t directly link to (use the image) attachements made by others. :frowning:

So, sadly, I can’t do that.


Finally came up with a good idea, and Im pretty happy with it.


and a thumbnail(small enough? I dont know what size you need)
Nice entries everybody!


The Stargrangers tend to the birth of a new star…


Blender 2.45 + GIMP 2.4 for render layer compositing and post-processing (slight radial blur/contrast/color correction).