Challenge #262 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Individuality is Dead

Pure Entries

  • Fidelio
    Hello, here is my quick one: pure blender, only two photo images as textures used. I hope I understood the theme right.

  • JasonBob45
    Is he dead because he’s unique, or is he unique because he’s dead?

  • Jeepster
    One of a million.

  • Marsan
    My entry for this weekend challange:

  • Marslyr
    Alright, entry…

  • relledom
    “Is that Individualism?”

  • RobertT
    Nonconformist Nightmare

  • the blenderizer
    the last stand for individuality

  • UnknowVector
    I disagree with the topic, but I think I came up with a good idea, and it was more interesting to go along with it instead of opposing it.
    Open Entries

  • shadowbane
    Open entry (used MakeHuman for the modeling)

Hey, Loads of entrys this time…

I wonder, theeth, could you possible change the description of my image…

“Alright, entry…” wasn’t intended to be a description, nor does it speak well for me as one…

As an alternitive,
Nothing is fine, or…

When Idivudality is represented by boxes, the future doesn’t look so good…

If you can’t change it, thats fine… just letting everyone know… that wasn’t my

I was torn between Jeepster and JasonBob45…

Jeepster got my vote, but JasonBob45 had a great, description…

Cheers, Good luck to everyone!


nice entries everyone :slight_smile:
& thx marslyr :wink:

Marslyr got my vote… I was feeling slight rounded squarish today!

The blenderiser was the only person not to duplicate something. Nice resident evil tribute aswell (sort of).

well. ive actually never seen resident evil:o. but thanks anyway:yes:


Thanks! :yes:

dramatic music You see in the future… when everyone is a cube… you atleast get rounded edges… :wink:

You're welcome Jeepster!


@UnknownVector: As the creator of the topic, let me say, I dont think Individuality is dead, it was just a fun Anti-topia kind of thing. Sorry to offend you.

voted for jasonbob, funny image, some people have better modelling skills (no offense to jasonbob) but it made me laugh, and he has a point with the whole “Is he dead because he’s unique, or is he unique because he’s dead?” thing…

Sorry, I wasn’t careful enough with my statement. I wasn’t offended, it was more like, if you asked “is individuality dead?” I would say “no” xD. I was thinking of trying for a scene that would refute the topic.

Anyway, my vote is for RobertT, I love the style, and the expressions look active and highly polished… cool stuff.

I voted for JasonBob45 just because of the simplicity of it.

No offense taken, I fully accept that all I did was make some spheres. I just felt that’s all the image called for. :wink: There’s definitely some great modeling here, I personally love Jeepster’s robot.

Some weeks go by and the entries seem to be “just so-so,” but this week people really did some great stuff. You can only vote for one, though.

Winner: Jeepster with 27% of the votes



Congrats Jeepster, and thanks to everyone who voted for my entry. :slight_smile:

grats jeeps!!! and i got 2 votes for my 2 min modeling skills!

thx peoples :slight_smile: :smiley: