Challenge #263 (11/16/07) CLOSED

Theme #263 for 16 November 2007 is: The Hunted

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 19 November 2007.

Cool topic,

Definite Placeholder!

I’ve got a great idea… :smiley:

Now if only I could create it exactly as I see it…

I’m out, I won’t have the time, sorry… :frowning:


Oooh! The possibilities…I started kinda late, but I’ll try it.

i’m definatley gonna take a go at this one!

EDIT:not going to have enough time :frowning:

Hunted and haunted!

Finally, I get to enter something in one of these. Most times, I’m not skilled to enter something, or I’m just too lazy.

Pure Blender (except for the “Wanted” image, I’m not sure if that makes it Open or not).

Pure entry.


I thought of a really good idea for this but I don’t have time to make it :frowning:

“Bargain Hunter and Hunted”


NOOOO!! I missed it by just a few minutes!!