Challenge #264 (11/23/07) CLOSED

Theme #264 for 23 November 2007 is: Sight

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 26 November 2007.

Nature Sight
Every sight of Nature is worth more then anything a human can make.


possible placeholder, if I find the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Theme: “Sight”
Title: “I wonder how many sights it has seen”
This is my pure entry:
EDIT: sorry for double posting


Possibly possible placeholder.

Placeholder. Maybe. Probably. We’ll see.

awww, i would be a placeholder, if my blender wasnt dead!

“The roads gets dangerously slippery when they are icy and snowy. The falling snow makes the sight on the road extremely bad. Drive carefully and be safe, or you may crash! Ahh…too late!”

Hi! Here is my entry. Everything made in Blender. I used the model of a human of Matt Ebb to make a soldier , just dressed him up in suit and gave him a gun.


Baby’s sight (pure blender) :

My girlfriend’s glasses:

(pure blender)

That looks strangely like a model made a while ago by critirozroz for thw wdc.
That he made available.

@TyFric: Very nice pic, the only thing i m wondering at is the wide reflection just beneath the earpiece of the glasses

Thanks relledom. That’s the reflection of an hdr map. Maybe it’s a little too strong but I thought the surface needed some detail rather than just the wood texture

[edit] I updated the image with a new camera angle that shows more of the reflection you mentioned. Originally I was making a square image and when I cropped it I took out too much of the reflection. I think it’s a little more clear now, thanks for pointing that out.

I just have to realize that my idea with glasses was not the first one. But… so what. It is pure blender and was a lot of fun to make it. Hope you enjoy it…



First time I’ve tried to do one of these challenges and have to say I had great fun with it! In fact, it’s my first complete pic full stop so hope you like it.

My pic is entitled “Just Making Sure”. It was modelled and rendered in Blender (using nodes to blur into the distance and also give a nice sheen effect). I used GIMP to do colour alterations and add the text.

It started off as a quite a different idea that I eventually realised wasn’t going to work. Instead of scrapping it I just played around with what I had until something else started to take shape.

Anyway, cheers for having a peek! :slight_smile:


hmm… then I would very much like to see that exact model that he made… I can asure you that I made this. I can even show you the picture I used as reference…
I would never ever enter a contest with a model I hadn’t done myself… I can show you everything, a wire frame, the blend file or what ever you need, to belive that it was me who made this model…
Is critirozozs model here on the blenderartist forum ?

this is the image critirozroz made:

Thanks for finding it… Now, I hope everyone can see that I made my own model and not just copied his… by the way critirozroz is way better than me, so thanks for thinking my work looks like his :smiley:

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