Challenge #265 (11/30/07) CLOSED

Theme #265 for 30 November 2007 is: Out of Order

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 3 December 2007.


Pure Blender 2.45.


Niice, robertT… each one has so much character.

I may enter this one, now that I have time to blend (NaNoWriMo is over (

My entry:

I just started making a dresser and there was a concept! Kinda had a hard time making good looking clothes. I had no luck doing them with SB/deflection so i just had to model them myself. Socks turned out pretty good imo. Good luck to you all.


ok after the request of marsan i am entering

it just means you know better how to beat him :slight_smile:

eeep! robertT you are too good for my skills! i will give it a go anyway!


possible placeholder
EDIT: Sry no time -.-

my first challenge placeholder :slight_smile: :smiley:

well, description:

Out of Order - Order as a System, everyone is aligned except the blue one, it is out of order, system, rules.


well, this is my first entry, i hope you will like it :slight_smile: i don’t have to win, i’ll be happy if i get at least one vote :slight_smile:

the entry is pure, used blender 2.45, rendered with yafray

hope that’s everything neede for a proper entry :slight_smile:


Well, I managed to throw something together… :wink:

Description: “I am rather glad that it is out of order…”


Thumbnail for voting thread:


Edit: Old body of message - " Well I wasn’t gonna compete, but then I had A GREAT idea… so we’ll see how time goes…


hehe, robert, your numbers kind of remind me of those weird things basse made from his nephews drawings awhile back. i don’t know if anyone recalls them, but they were sort of oddly proportioned creatures. I have an idea for this, so >placeholder<. It might be too much though, so hopefully I’ll get it done in time.

had some time this weekend

Jack000! i knew somebody was going to do that, and you pulled it of nicely!

Thanks to RoberT for his quite literal interpretation of the topic, I got this;)
Pure entry.


He’s sad because all the pieces aren’t in the order in which the package shows :frowning:[]_lego02.jpg

SHOOT! i think im late. i thought it was gmt not gmt -5 :frowning: well here goes 'cuz it still says open in the title. i didnt have much time this weekend but im happy with how it came out. the cinderblock is the only image from the WWW rendered with yafray.


This is going to be a hard one to choose!

Here is my entry.

“Kicked Out Of Order”

Pure 2.45

Hope it isn’t too late…


…how…what renderer…oh all 2.45…HOW??? thts cool