Challenge #266 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Christmas Sucks

Pure Entries

  • Jeepster
    It sucks when you find out that your buddy just got decapitated!

  • RobertT
    <no text>

  • sgbzona
    Santa’s Room

  • templa edhel
    the little person woke up on x-mas morning to find a stocking full of coal while the other were full of gifts and toys and so he declares "Christmas Sucks!) now, which side of the room would YOU want to be on? lol.

I dont think that anyone captured the subject in their entreis. You can’t have a picture about Christmas and then have to explain that Christmas sucks in the title.

Robert, i take it back, i just didn’t use my brain.

I was planning to do an entry but I didn’t have remotely enough time because i saw the subject late and i was overly ambitous, i was however going to do an entry of a homeless person sleeping on the street whilst Christmas shopping was going on just behind him. Hopefully, if i actually finnish it before Christmas, you’ll all see what i mean.

Did you miss the pun?

A vacuum cleaner “sucks” dirt, so “Christmas sucks”…


Yes TheAnimal must have missed the joke about “sucks” and the vacuum cleaner.

I wanted to participate but i’m still a newbe and to slow to create my idea in time.

I wanted to draw a cristmas sock (playing with words) with a toilet roll stuffed down as a very bad advent present.

Wow 0 , a horrible 0, jaja…

awwwwww crap, i didn’t get that, wtf, silly me, i’ve edited my post

Don’t feel too bad - I missed the joke too!

I think jeepster had the most humoristic entry and well done one. I thought it was going to be more serious entrys … Well done all!

Winner: Jeepster with 67% of the votes