Challenge #267 (12/14/07) CLOSED

Theme #267 for 14 December 2007 is: Icy waste

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 17 December 2007.

pencil holder

frozen uranium rod - holder, i think i’ve got a pun lined up…

Icy Waste in a forgotten Corner


Holder - hope I can get this done around studying for finals!

While I was here, here is one I copied from memory when I got home once,
by an artist called Druie Bowett. This grab

is taken from a pdf report about an invention still to be realized.
place holder:
ps-while I was thinking what I could do for the weekend challenge.
pps-[personal place solder]

as you can see, it git crossed out.

but the pps still counts

I hate the way my mind is working.

Im supposed to be on Christmas presents.


news flash----------------------------------------------

its working again.



This is my first entry image, did it today all in blender

  1. My own version of the “free-cat” gimmick!
  2. Pure
    I would of had two signs, one on the barrel saying “toxic waste” and another near the waste saying “Free Slushy”… mabey a hand reaching over :D.
    Did this within 1.2 hours. Hope I filled everything out correctly.

Christmas sucks.

Heres on, hope it works! Rendered in Yafray

Whatsup Blenderheads!
Its about time I enter the WC again.
Placeholder :evilgrin:


Pure entry



that is what i was hoping for someone to do! nicely done!

well, nicely done to all the entrys here, its gonna be tough choosing…

The Frantic, Fleeting Life of a Snowflake


Many years after the first explorers left the region, all that remains is their icy waste.

Pure Blender 2.45