Challenge #272 (01/25/08) CLOSED

Theme #272 for 25 January 2008 is: The Countryside

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 28 January 2008.

I guess I have too much to do, so I have to forfeit. :frowning: Maybe next time.

Count me in ether way.

dry for a change.

the weather that is.

Anyway, Im rambling.


I don’t think my I will have much time to work on my entry. Anyway, here is what I have. Pure Blender 2.45

And the thumnail:

I’ll be participating in this one too. After a long absence from Blender :stuck_out_tongue: Hope I havnt forgotten all my hotkeys!

Here’s mine. That’s all the time I have for my entry this weekend. I’m more or less happy with it. Some gimp post pro.

Countryside Barn

Here’s my good-for-nothing 1st entry (ever:yes:) (Blender 2.45 + Gimp PostPro.):



Here’s my entry:
Workin’ on the countryside farm

WOW!..really good work Jeepster

Haven’t been here for a while, here’s mine…

Private House on the Countryside

Still cant seem to get my particles to work properly… anyways, here`s my entry!

I think we know whos gonna win

“Howdy there!”

Blender SVN, horse had to be composited in post (particles/memory limits).