Challenge #273 (02/01/08) CLOSED

Theme #273 for 1 February 2008 is: Legendary

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 4 February 2008.

I will try this one, if i can think of something legendary to model!

Legendary Placeholder (maybe)…

**edit 02/03/08

entry type: Open

I’ll just edit this post before the contest is over if I get to finishing :slight_smile:

PleaseHoldon! :smiley:

----- Legendary Warlord Hennecke -----

  • Pure in Blender 2.45, with AO, 599061 vertices

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“Frame 352?”



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I'm trying something ambitious.


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It has been months since I blendered. I have something in mind. Placeholder.

Whether you love them or hate them, Laurel and Hardy are legendary. Although I am not a fan, their short Brats belongs to my favorite films. The last scene is absolutely legendary for me when Hardy makes that pedantic gesture and says : “Just a moment, you might spill it.”

Pure Blender.


sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet i’ll see what i can do :smiley:

Who could be more legendary than the king himself.

A tribute to Elvis Presley


this should be my first enrty in the blender contests

The One Ring
This one is quite legendary for me …

Pure Blender entry.

Small update (no inner tengwar script, more smooth surface)

Here’s mine (Blender + Gimp):


TON - A blender Legend!


UVpainting done in GIMP. Everything else is made in Blender 2.44 + 2.45 a2

Possible spacefolder…

Im not doin it anymore. That is really cool inscription on the rig. Howdja do that? Are those teh actual lettes? I love LOTR :smiley:

Cool House Turin :smiley:

The inscription is the actual black speech inscription done in tengwar script. There are some good ttf fonts for it on the web.
The inscription is used in one layer as bump map and in another as stencil to modulate the glowing red amount.

@Marsan: i was trying to do something, but your idea beat me!!! LOL:D

I’ll keep doing it anyways! :wink:

ok. here is a quick one.
the legendary pats got beat,:mad:
but we still love them:yes:


Yeti: The Urban Legend

Pure Entry

:ba: Werd.