Challenge #274 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: The Light

Pure Entries

  • Brammie22
    The stars are looking like this? Beautiful!!

  • captainalan
    <no text>

  • Crititrozoz
    Into the Blinding Light<<>>

  • DichotomyMatt

  • DracoFodder
    <no text>

  • Jeepster
    A Phoenix of Light!

  • Marslyr
    “Hey, C’mere I’m gonna Get 'Cha!”

  • meschoyez
    <no text>

  • Mosh
    Nearing The Light

  • Rappybas
    Won’t expect much from it but…I can use tips

  • rebogey
    drink milk or the trex gets it.

  • REiKo Rhoemer
    “Emissary of Light”

  • the blenderizer
    the light of death

  • The Last Rookie
    The light

  • Turin Turambar
    “I see the light!..”
    Open Entries

  • Lumpycow
    POW!! Right in the Kisser!!
    Non-Participating Entries

  • RobertT

lol i need to do better on these

Great entries. Maybe we should introduce 2nd and 3rd place and allow multiple choices.

There will be 2nd and 3rd places anyway, its just never meant anything.

Yeah, 2nd and 3rd are just degrees of losing(everyone knows that).

Despite what your mommy told you in kindergarden, first place is the only one that really matters.

Unless it’s in a being-eaten-by-a-bear contest…then the second and third placers have a chance of…ya know… not dying… maybe that bear ain’t hungry any more…


Lots of cool entries! Lovely stuff…

And I have to say, RoberT comes up with some awesome stuff… cool style…

Love all of them, but the detail in Crititrozoz’ piece is awesome, so… went for that… cool works all!

ETA:: And I love the pheonix too, from Jeepster… that would be a close second in my mind I think… then again… I’m a little biased… I love that particular creature over all others XD

Well, really cool stuff. I’m not gonna win but now i want to enhance my image, just for fun. So if you guys have a time, check a better onein here and drop a line!

ps: congrats to Crititrozoz!!!

I think you haven’t understood correctly. I’m not asking to assing 2nd and 3rd I’m asking for having more then one choice. Like voting for 2 or 3 entries and then the one with the most votes wins.

And don’t give me this 2nd and 3rd are just loosers b…sh…t we are all in this for the learning aren’t we? :wink:

Apparently you posted on the wrong website, we certainly dont do any learning here.

And hey, If it makes you feel better, were all winners cuz we had fun. Not.

Good job everyone!
You guys have a lot of time, I mean blender skills :slight_smile: (or both)
I especially like Crititrozoz’s, Jeepsters, and Rebogey’s entries… you people and your skills. :smiley:

I can’t believe that Crititrozoz could’ve made THAT awesomeness over a weekend!!

Great entries from everyone, but I thought Lumpycow’s was the best – it was unique :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments guys, and good job everyone. I liked Lumpycow’s the best as well. Nice lighting, composition, and title ;).

I make a habbit of hardly ever using smileys, i was joking, on the second part of my post.

Winner: Crititrozoz with 51% of the votes



Thanks for your votes, guys. I got more than last time :). I feel I am getting better. This weekend I will be blendering like a devil to get even more votes ;), so I can beat RobertT(joking ;)).

Wow, that was awesome, guys! Being a junior in college, I can’t take time off from homework to Blender around, but I sure like seeing other people’s work!

Thanks guys for all your votes and awesome job to everyone else. These were the best entries i’ve seen in a while.

Congrats Crititrozoz. Some good stuff again. As usual I cheated again, and my entry was just a photo I took in the “natural history museum” a few years ago, messed about with composite nodes and re rendered as time was short.

Here is how the hutch turned out though. Almost stuck to the original plan. Mostly recycled pallet wood, but did have to by some ply to finish it. Airing now before we move the rodents.


ps,thanks for the comments.