Challenge #279 Voting CLOSED

This week’s theme: Woodwork

Pure Entries

@organic. Thanks for the link.

Good idea to mix a texture with Blender particles. I should keep that in mind. The result is very convincing.

i wanna vote for spins. while it’s probably not politically correct it’s still good.

i liked marsan’s the most

I liked Tys’ entry, gave me a laugh. Voted for Reiko Rhoemers entry tho for fun and original idea, good lightning and good use of rather simple objects.

@Teld - Glad it helps - look forward to seeing an image.

Thanks for your vote, hiower ;).

Scene lighting was exactly what I was concentrating in this weekend challenge. I have learned from pictures of other Blender Artists, that scene lighting is very important (if not most) part of the scene. So I spend about 3-4 hours on saturday finding good articles about light effects, especially outdoor lighting. With these knowledges I have “jumped” at the project :).

Anyway, most of the time took lighting and texture tests (rendertime :().

I love this challenges. Last time I have learned caustics and I am really looking forward to this weekend. What new I will learn this week?

Good Luck, everyone ;).

spin, that is completely wrong of you.
what if some blind person sees that? youd hurt their feelings =P

Winner: Tys with 55% of the votes



something interesting:

early in the space race, the former soviets used a type of white oak as reentry heat-shields. The oak had the property of ablating layer by layer as it burned away, making it a good substitute for the billion-dollar material developed by their western counterparts.

so maybe wood would work : ]

It takes guts to fling through vacuum in a tin can, but even more guts to know the only thing that divides you from blood boiling heat is a sheet of wood;)

Well, thank you all kindly for the votes!

Ha. I appreciate your sarcasm. Thank you! :slight_smile: Even blind people have a sense of humor. You should have seen my other posts for the weekend challenge, including this one from last year “Into the Unknown”.


I grew up leaglly blind most of my life. I even had laser surgery 3 years ago and still have to wear heavy glasses.

Congrats TYS, and everyone. All were great entries! It was a tough decision to vote for just one.

Congratulations Tys.

Congratulations Tys I think it was deserved.

Congratulations to the winner.

I hope you guys are going to participate next challange ;).

Tys, congrats. You deserved it.

The next I will skip. I want to do some exercises on modeling.

Grats! Thanks to the ppl who gave their vote to me.